Let's work together!

I would be totally interested in working with any cloting and beauty brand, or others. I try to update my blog at least 3 times a week and i see my viewers increasing every day. I'm open for all ideas and suggestions you may have, so if you want to work with me don't hesitate to get in touch!
Please note that I will only work with your brand if I genuinely like it and if it suits my blog. Thank you.

If you have any offers or questions don't hesitate to email me at

I'll mark all the items that have been gifted to me, are sponsored or are a collab with a (*).


  1. Will you please help me with some more readers..
    It would be awesome!!

  2. Hey there, I'm Cameron. I'd like to start off saying that I love your blog. I want to have such a successful blog like yours one day. I would really appreciate if you check out my blog and follow me back; also I would love any advice you have on getting ads onto my site, getting my blog out there, etc. My email is and thank you so much for your time!

  3. hello love! I love your blog to pieces and I am so jealous about your The 1975 concert. What camera did you use to take the pictures there? xx

  4. Thank you so much! I used my nikon coolpix s9700 to take the photo's/film the concert! xx


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