Thursday, 17 May 2018

 Hi! it's been a while, we all know. Two weeks ago my friend Julia and I went to London to visit one of our best friends who's currently working there as an au pair again. Couldn't resist bringing my cameras so I have some snapshots I wanted to share! Some are taking on my Iphone, others on my big camera or on a compact camera, so that's why the quality might differ a bit.
Thank god Julia had been to London before, because this meant that we were able to just wander around the city a bit without necessarily having to do all the touristy stuff like visiting the big ben and the tower bridge. We did book tickets though to go to the Warner Bros Studio Tour for Harry Potter, and oh my gosh, it was so so so much fun and interesting to see it all, definitely worth every buck! I'm currently also getting my disposables developed, so if they're any good, I'll hopefully share them sometime soon.

Also, thinking about writing an updated uni post??? Who knows, that might be something else that might be up soon. Lately I've been really wanted to blog again, it's just that I've kind of lost my drive and the way I used to edit photos. Also, (creative) writing has always been something I'm not particularly good at, so I often do have photos to share, just not quite sure what to write.

Anyway, enough for now! Hope you enjoy the photos xx

p.s. Also, we stayed at this airbnb which was absolutely lovely, so if your looking for a place to stay, 10/10 would recommend because they're close to public transport and in zone 3, so you'll be basically anywhere in no time, it was super duper clean, and the beds were very comfortable. (they have lovely cats aswell!!!)


  1. Ah zonnig Londen! Heel mooi, leuk postje! X

  2. Prettyyyy! Echt hele leuke foto's <3

  3. Wat een fijne plaatjes, liefs!


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