Sunday, 17 December 2017

I know it's been ages since I've written anything. Almost 8 months to be exact. Also, this post is accompanied by some holiday pictures I took in England this summer. It's not like they have anything to do with this post, but I wanted to post them anyway because I like looking back on them and thinking of all the memories.  Anyway, a lot has happened since I've written my last post in April.

I went from working full time in a garden centre, to being a full time uni student, fully enjoying my English teaching course. I went on a trip to England with my brother, which we thoroughly enjoyed. I went to a hen party, and I have also been to the introduction camp which our uni organizes every year for the new students. And I got some new tattoos as well.  It's funny to look back on some things, because all of it has been so much fun. Especially the introduction camp, I hated the idea of going beforehand, because it was completely out of my comfort zone and not something I'd usually do. But it was one of the best times I had looking back on it now. 

Also yes, after two gap years, I'm finally attending uni!!!! So far so good. I'm loving my English teaching course, and all the fun stuff that comes with being in uni. Only now I realize how much I missed being with people my age, compared to the people I used to work with in my gap years, whom were usually quite a bit older than I am. 

I'm also turning 20 tomorrow, the big 20!!!. It's all very exciting but somehow I can never help myself to be a bit 'down' every year, right before my birthday. I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's just the feeling of nostalgia, or just me reflecting on the past year, or being a bit nervous about the future. However, birthdays should be a fun event. I do have to go to school tomorrow, but I don't mind it that much because it does mean that I get to see some of my friends, and it's not like I love to celebrate my birthday in a very extravagant way anyways. I just prefer keeping it a small get-together with a few of my close friends. 

Coming back to my English teaching course, (this post is turning into such a ramble, soz!!!), I have also started my internship! So I'm actually 'working' at a school already, teaching kids English. It's such an interesting experience, and I'm curious to see what I'll learn. However, it does mean that I'm kind of figuring out what I want to post on social media, and what not. I've also deleted a lot of my old blog post, because it's all so easy to find out everything about someone on the internet nowadays, and I do somehow like to keep my professionalism as a teacher now. So that's the reason why I also put my Instagram and all the other social media on private. 

So guess that's it for now. I'll see when I'll write again, who knows, it might take me like 7 months again, but whatever. 

Hope everyone will enjoy the holidays that are coming up! Have a good Christmas and new year!!!

Demi x


  1. Leuk artikel! Ben blij dat er weer iets van je verschenen is want vind je blog echt leuk :)

    1. Aaah leuk, dankjewel! Had niet verwacht dat iemand het nog zou lezen na al die tijd ;-)


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