Sunday, 16 April 2017

Hey! Happy Easter to everyone celebrating! Hope the rain isn't ruining your plans today. The pictures of this outfit post were luckily photographed on a much warmer and sunnier day. 
And to be honest, I loved how they turned out. Because I wasn't sure whether this outfit would look good photographed (somehow some outfits just don't), but thank god it did! Also completely in love with this outfit because it's the most comfortable thing ever. I could wear these jeans forever, really.
They used to be way to big at the waist, but luckily my grandma was able to fix that problem.

Also, last week I went to have this sort of matching day at my future college, and I'm starting my English teacher course in September. Hurray! Super duper excited to finally be a student!!! 

Tonight I'm going out for dinner with zhe fam. Not necessarily for Easter because we don't really celebrate it, but more so just for fun :-)

Hope you have a nice couple of days.
demi x

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  1. Aahh, je outfit is echt leuk! Mooie combinatie. Fijne Pasen :)


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