Friday, 7 April 2017

Hola! With spring being arrived and all, I figured it'd be the perfect time for a big, big clean out.  Because, every once in a while I just get the urge to clean. I don't know what it is but I just feel the need to tidy everything, literally everything. It's just like someone's screaming in my brain like "I HAVE TO TIDY" (I'm not mad I promise). However, since a big spring cleanse ain't a bad thing I figured it might by easy to share how I clean/tidy everything at the start of the season!

It's the easiest to start with the most obvious one: Sort out your wardrobe. I like to do this by just getting everything out, even my underwear and socks, and divide it in three piles. One pile for things you're gonna keep. A second one for stuff you're either gonna sell or donate, and a third one for stuff that's just going straight to the bin. And be honest while sorting everything out, because you're not gonna wear those period stained panties anymore, the thong that's slightly too small, the socks that are missing their other half or that skirt that's been in your wardrobe for ages with the price tag still on because it still doesn't fit perfectly right. (guilty here!). 
I always like to stick to the rule: If I haven't worn it for 6 months, it's gotta go.

Another obvious one; clean and sort out your room. However, I feel like most people just clean their room and don't actually sort it out. But that's exactly what you're missing; sorting out is the key. Go through your old drawers and boxes. Throw away stuff you haven't used or looked at for ages or sell it to save some money. Just declutter. You don't need all the stuff you've got, trust me.
And to finish the cleaning and decluttering off, buy a plant or two, or get yourself some flowers. You'll feel a whole lot better when you got some natures' green in your house.

And last up: tidy laptop storage. I feel like this is the one thing that a lot of people forget. It's 2017, and we're on our laptops a lot, whether we actually like it or not, the online world has become a 'must' in our daily lives for most people. That being said, that also means that our electric devices hold a lot of documents and pictures in storage for us. So tidy up those old holiday pictures of 2014, throw away the highschool documents because you've left highschool a couple years ago and you're surely not gonna need them anymore (guilty, again!). However, keep in mind that by cleaning up your laptop storage I don't actually mean throwing everything in the bin, but just transfer it to an external harddrive, and make a whole lot of folders named correctly to keep it all in order. 
Doing this, you'll feel way better next time you need to find a certain document for a serious deadline. It'll be so much easier to find it if you just name your folders and only keep the stuff on your laptop that's actually relevant in your daily life.

That's it for the big spring cleanse! Hope it may have helped some of you! because, you know what they say... "a tidy room is a tidy mind

demi x


  1. Fijne post! Zo leuk gedaan ook met die gouden tekstjes. Ik heb laatst al heel wat kleding weggedaan, nu nog mijn kamer een beetje opruimen en die laptop... tja, daar staat zoveel op, maar daar moet ik ook maar eens mee beginnen ;)

  2. Het begin is vaak het ergst! Maar zodra je eenmaal bent begonnen valt het vaak toch allemaal wel weer mee en het geeft een voldaan gevoel zodra je klaar bent! :-)


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