Friday, 24 March 2017

Hi! Fun fact: red is my favorite colour. Funnily enough, the two items you see in the photo's above and below, are the only red items I've got in my wardrobe, the bag being the newest addition.

Since a year or so ago I've started wearing a lot more color. I used to live in complete black outfits, and if there ever happened to be a slight form of colour in my outfit, it'd always be a neutral one. However, I'm young, I want to have fun and why not wear (happy) colors as a reflection of either my mood or my personality?!

Also!!! Hopefully this is the last week that my ankle is completely taped up! However, I'm not cheering too soon though since my doctor said the same thing 2 weeks ago, but I'm staying positive!!!

demi x


  1. Wat een leuke outfit! Vrolijk! :)

  2. wat een leuke outfit, het jasje is tof!

  3. Wauw zo'n mooi jasje! Je tas past er echt goed bij. Ook een hele leuke broek, ik had laatst ook zoiets aangepast maar helaas niet gekocht. Stiekem wel spijt haha :(


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