Friday, 17 March 2017

Hello! I know it's been ages since my last outfit post. But here we are, combining some of my favorites together into one outfit. 

Thank god the weather is finally looking more like spring, because that means that I can finally wear my fave denim jacket as outerwear without freezing to death. I've decided to decorate it with some pins which I all got in England (and platform 9 3/4)

Also, the flannel I'm wearing is actually one of the first thing I bought in England and it's made of the softest material which makes it super duper comfortable. win-win.

To be honest actually, I haven't got a whole lot to say, besides the fact that my ankle is still taped up by the doctor after six weeks because my ankle joints will somehow not heal. Hurray! It's just a bit annoying because it looks like I'm wearing a white sock on only one foot all the time and it now just takes way more effort to take a shower since the tape is not allowed to get wet. Meh
However, on the bright side!!!! I applied to college!!!! And I did my taxes!!! Wow, I'm such a responsible adult. 10 points to me!!!!

Hopefully write you soon! Even though I'm not sure what my exact definition of soon is anymore since it seems to somehow have happened that I only update once a week. oops.

demi x.
p.s. Marks & spencer's thights are like the best ones ever. Get the 40den and you'll not regret it. trust me on this.


  1. Die pins zijn echt vet leuk! Tof bewerkt ook de foto's. X

  2. Wat een leuke items! Je hebt echt een toffe stijl! :D

    Love, Turn it inside out

  3. Heel leuk! Ik ben echt verliefd op je Dr. Martens, die sokken zijn er leuk bij :)

  4. Zo'n leuke outfit! vind je foto's ook heel leuk bewerkt weer :)


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