Saturday, 25 February 2017

Hiya! So I went back to London recently to show my family around, and just as a city trip basically. And of course I couldn't resist to share some snapshots I made. There aren't too many photo's in this post, simply because I didn't make that many because I've lived around London for 6 months, so I feel like there's no need to take pictures of the same things time after time.
I also filmed a few bits nd bobs, so hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for London through 35mm film, since that'll be on the blog in a few days (In that post I'll also write a short travel diary, since this post is just more about the random snapshots I made)!
demi x.

Can't see the video? Click here!
Don't forget to watch in HD!


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  2. Wat leuk dat je met je familie nog een bezoekje hebt gebracht in Londen! Leuke en vrolijke video & foto's! Dat eten in Camden Town ziet er heel lekker uit, al weet ik niet precies wat het is haha! We moeten snel weer eens afspreken in Denbosch om bij te kletsen! Liefs

    1. Jaaa het was falafel, en het was heel lekker! :-). Ja klopt! stuur maar een berichtje op facebook anders zodat we wat af kunnen spreken!


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