Saturday, 18 February 2017

Hiya! I know that I haven't been completely good with my blogging game lately. Have not been able to write loads of stuff, and to be completely honest, I'm lacking a lot of inspiration. It seems like all the creativity and inspiration just died down when I got back to work. However, now is not the time for negativity, so I'm just gonna try to make to most of it. And I'm back with one of my 5 current faves post!

1// Bralettes.
You know what, I don't think I've even worn a proper bra since like at least a year ago. I just honestly can't be too bothered when these bralette's are waaay more comfortable. I also just think that they look incredibly cute, and you can basically get them everywhere.
The bralette's pictured are from Hunkemoller, topshop and monki.

2// Katie Loxton Cardholder.
When I was living in England, I was desperate for a little cardholder, so I could take a smaller bag with me into town. Since the regular purse I've got is huuuge, which meant that I had to take a bigger bag with me everywhere I went, which is way to much hassle when you just want to walk around London or wherever. So luckily I bumped into this cute cardholder from Katie Loxton at John Lewis and I've been using it loads ever since!

3// Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip cream.
I know that the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is so so so populair in the beauty world, and I feel like I've heard every youtuber/blogger talk about it. But I can't lie, it's honestly the best thing ever. I was a bit skeptical about getting it first, but I heard my friend talk about it and saying that she loved it - which was a bit odd in the first place since she never uses any form of skincare/make-up (which is totally ok), but I felt like that meant that it had to be REALLY good. I did have to get used to the smell when I first got it, but oh my, it does the job of moisturizing so well.

4// This Beanie.
Yes I know, I totally used my cat as a model for this photo, and I'm surprised he even let me put the hat on him. But then again, this hat is the most comfortably thing ever so he probably must have thought "hmm this is nice nd warm I can get used to dis". I bought the hat at John Lewis when the cold temperatures reached England, and I needed something to keep me nice and warm. I've been wearing it the whole winter since, and it's just the perfect hat for me. Good shape, and I like the little bob of fake fur on it (which doesn't even look fake and is incredibly soft).

5// Glitter Socks.
Glitter socks, yes. I'm not the one who goes all out for parties or festive days, but I do like to add some little fancy touches to my outfit. Including these glitter socks. I feel like they're just a clever and cheeky way of adding some sparkle. They look great with rolled up jeans or while wearing a panty and some black booties.

So that's it for my current five favorites! I'll hopefully have some new posts up soon, since I've been back to London again, and shot some photo's/ filmed some bits nd bobs.
demi x.


  1. Wat een leuke favorietjes allemaal! En superschattig die muts + kattie! Ik vind het altijd zo leuk hoe jij je foto's bewerkt. xxx

    1. Aaah ja ik vind 'm ook echt schattig! Dankjewel!!

  2. Haha awww, die foto van je kat! Glittersokjes zijn inderdaad heel leuk, net wat specialer dan gewone zwarte sokken :) en yaay voor bralettes! X


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