Friday, 20 January 2017

Hiya! It's about time I get to show you my new vintage treasure in this post. I'd been on the hunt for some good vintage levi's for ages now, but somehow they never fitted quite right, or the color wasn't exactly what I wanted, until I found these.

And guess what, I even found these on my last weekend in London, as if luck was on my side. I did went back to the store twice though, since I wasn't completely sure at first whether they fitted completely right etc, but thank god they did! I've even been wearing them non stop since I got them.

Also, my phone suddenly died yesterday and it basically takes 2 weeks to get it fixed because the store has to send it back. And I'm not really sure how to feel about it? Like I know that I should be ok because "this generation is tied to their phone bla bla bla" but I mean I like being able to call/text someone, what if something happens? And I'm also waiting on an important work related call, does that not count for anything? ...

All in all, I'm not even quite sure what to talk about in this post. Which is something I always have with outfit posts. I like putting together the outfit, shooting the photo's and editing them, but when it comes to writing I just have no idea what to say. Because I can hardly go on about every clothing item I wear? Like that would be a bit boring, wouldn't it?

So I suppose all this writing will just be a kind of mix match of several things.
I'll write you soon!
demi x
What am I wearing?!
Cardigan My Mom's
Top Loavies
Jeans Vintage
Bag Denise Roobol
Shoes Dr Martens
Glitter Socks Accesorize
Belt Primark
Glasses Polette*


  1. Die top is echt heel pretty met het doorschijnende (wat een woord, lol). X

  2. Ah wat een toffe jeans! Je top vind ik ook heel mooi! Balen van je telefoon, aan de ene kant lijkt het me wel even fijn om geen telefoon te hebben maar het is ook niet erg handig..


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