Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Hi hello! So here's another monthly books post! Like I mentioned before, I like reading books, and writing about them. With that also comes the constant hunt for some new good books, and that's the reason why I'll write these monthly book posts, for someone who might be in the same situation as me and is just looking for some nice books to read!

My Heart And Other Black Holes - Jasmine Warga.
"I'm getting higher and higher and I feel the swing set creak. 'Be Careful,' he says. 'Why?' I'm not thinking about being careful. I'm thinking about one last push, of letting go, of flying, and falling. 'You aren't allowed to die without me,' he whispers.
Physics nerd Aysel and popular, handsome Roman are practically strangers, but they've been drawn into an unthinkable partnership. In one month's time, they plan to commit suicide - together.
With the deadline getting closer, something starts to grow between them - a feel Aysel never thought she would experience. It seems there might be something to live for, after all - but is Aysel in so deep she can't turn back?" 
Jasmine Warga has built up a good novel, with bringing depression, dead, philosophy, science and life in an interesting blend. It's one of those novels that actually have a pretty good portrayal of depression (apart from about the last 20%). And even though the book is written about a very serious subject, it's still an easy and light read.
I'd say it's pretty much a young adult book, which does (in this case; unfortunately) often lead to romanticization, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense when the book is talking about these heavy subjects (like depression). The end of the book also has some loose ends, which makes you question certain bits of the novel. I wouldn't go as far to say that the book has an open ending, but it does lead to the questions: What about this? What about that? Did they end up doing this? etc
Over all it's a really good book which certainly doesn't disappoint, but it's just about the last 20% that isn't quite a good fit and where you'll find the romanticization and the loose ends. However, if you don't mind that too much, definitely give this book a go!
The versions of us. - Laura Barnett. 
"Eva and Jim are nineteen, and students at Cambridge, when their paths first cross in 1958. Jim is walking along a lane when a woman approaching him on a bicycle swerves to avoid a dog. What happens next will determine the rest of their lives..."
I'd read quite a few good reviews about 'the versions of us', so obviously I was expecting this book to be like one of those books that you recommend to everyone you see. However, it was rather disappointing.
Don't get me wrong, I do like the concept of the book - different versions of a relationship and various possibilities in the life of two people, and how it could turn out - the characters and the story lines of the book were well written. It's just that the book is quite hard work, since there are three different story lines, and every chapter flips between those three, and it flips between different time periods. So you either have to keep reading the book, to keep up with everything that's happening, otherwise you'll get confused. Or you have to take notes.
So I wouldn't necessarily recommend this book.

Everything, Everything. - Nicola Yoon. 
"Maddy is allergic to the world. She hasn't left her house in seventeen years. Olly is the boy next door, he's determined to find a way to reach her. Everything, Everything is about the crazy risks we take for love."
 Let me tell you, I absolutely loved this book. It's incredibly well written and it's just about a different subject for once. And it takes a real unexpected turn towards the end of the book, which makes it even better.
The characters have a funny/quirky dialogue, and the book has some illustrations, which makes it a bit more unique. I feel like I can't say too much about the book without spoiling anything, so I hope this will do for now.
I'd definitely recommend this book if you're looking for a good, quick read.

So that's it for last month's book post! I didn't manage to read a book a week (like I usually do), due all the festive days inbetween, but that's ok.

I'll write you soon,
demi x

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