Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Hey! Another week has gone past here in the sunny England, so time for another weekly recap. I've been feeling pretty cheerful this week due to the amazing weather which was great! Click on 'continue reading' to read what exactly I've been up to!

Monday. 28nov.
I woke up this morning with rays of sunshine in my face, amazing! Like I said, the weather has been so so so good this week. Yes it was freezing, but as long as the sun is shining you definitely won't hear me complain! Apart from the amazing day, this wasn't such a special day and I just did the usual chores. However, I did try a new recipe in the evening for dinner and it turned out delicious! Unfortunately didn't make any photo's of it whatsoever, so I'll recreate it this week so I can post it on the blog!

Tuesday. 29nov.
Yet another sunny day. Went to Henley today so I could go to Waitrose since I needed to get some bits & bobs. When I got home I started photographing my books for the monthly book series on the blog, so keep an eye out for that since it'll be up this week. And right before I picked up the girls from school, I filmed a little timelapse of the sunset, because with this amazing weather also come great sunsets every night.

Wednesday. 30nov.
Unfortunately I burned my hand this morning while making breakfast. However it was just a little red so I just held it under the tap with cold water for a few minutes and went on with my life because I didn't think to much of it. However, while I was in the gym that morning, a few little blisters started to form which was a tad bit annoying, but hey ho, nothing I could do about it. 
When the girls got home from school they started playing with some toys and made a 'family' and Mya (the youngest said): "Look it's just like our family, two parents, two kids and an Au Pair!" they sometimes say such a lovely things like this and it really makes my heart melt. It just makes everything I do here so worth it, even if that means that I have to hoover twice or three times a day because they make a mess. ♥

Thursday. 1dec.
Went to Henley for the full day because this weather is just making me incredibly happy and I did not waste it by staying inside! So I basically walked around the whole day and went in some shops I've never been in and such. At the end of the day I even got myself some nice flowers, just to make my room look nice and because.., ya know, #TreatYoSelf.

Friday. 2dec.
Today I went to one of the Mom's from down the road again and basically just chatted and chilled with her and her 2,5year old son. In the evening I had to babysit at a new family just to help them out, and so I could earn some extra money and they were so nice! The kids were a bit older but so much fun and talkative! Oh and I also started writing in my journal again today after having abandoned it for 2 months. But there are just so many good/fun things happening here that I just don't want to forget about. And since I often can't write about it on the blog since it's personal and just because of the privacy of m host family - I have to write all of it down in my journal.

Saturday. 3dec.
Whoooh, a big day! Today was Leah's (my oldest host kid) birthday party for her friends! She had a joined birthday party and they hired this all and an entertainer and it was just huge compared to the birthday parties we had back home when I was younger (those were incredibly fun as well). In the evening we helped Leah unwrap all her presents she got and it was so much fun! 

Sunday. 4dec.
After having a little lay-in in the morning, I decided to go to the cinema to finally see the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them movie, since I obviously couldn't miss it as Harry Potter nerd. I also worked on a new blogpost while I was enjoying my tea in starbucks. And I definitely enjoyed all the christmas decorations that were hung up in Henley. It just makes me feel so festive! Can't believe it's already Christmas in barely 3 weeks time.

So that's it for this week. I just felt so cheerful and happy the whole week, it's insane what a little sunshine can do for your mood. In the upcoming week I'm going to see a musical live for the first time, and I'm so excited for it! But more about that in the next weekly recap. demi x.

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