Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Hey Hi! Would I have ever imagined in a million years that I would walk around wearing a leopard printed coat? Nope, definitely not. Literally. My mom bought this coat a couple years ago (the on trend lil fashionista she is) and I used to be so embarrassed of her wearing it, like I wouldn't even walk next to her. And that is exactly what she reminded me of when I got back home for her birthday, searching through her closet for a coat to wear.

I was looking at myself in the mirror, checking out whether this coat would go nicely with my outfit, and I literally heard her laughing so loudly in the bathroom. Because little did I know that she was checking on me to see what I was doing. And the first thing she said was: "Oh god, you really can't wear THAT! It's a LEOPARD printed coat, yikes" mocking my 15 year old self. Both of us just burst out laughing, and had a nice nostalgic moment.

Not even sure where exactly I'm going with this story, but I suppose that the point I just want to make is that your style and likes will change and evolve, it's just a matter of time.  Also just kinda want to thank my mom for always sharing her clothes with me, ur the best!!!

Anyway, since I kind of caved to the whole leopard fuzzy coat trend thing that's going on, I decided to keep it fairly simple by pairing it with a t-shirt dress, since the coat is a whole statement in itself. I actually really like it since this way you can basically wear the most basic outfit ever, but the coat will still make it look like you put effort into it.

I know that this is definitely not for everyone, but I'm curious to hear what you think!
demi x.
What am I wearing?!
H&M coat (old)
Zara dress
My mom's shoes
Topshop choker
Polette* glasses


  1. Hahah, leuk verhaal! Zo zie je inderdaad maar weer hoe de mode en je stijl kan veranderen :) ik geloof dat ik vroeger ook een jas zoals deze had, maar toen wilde ik 'm ook nooit aan (terwijl ik nu wilde dat ik 'm nog had!)
    Mooie look en leuke foto's ook! ♥

  2. Ik vind je jas echt super tof!!


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