Monday, 14 November 2016

Hiya! Last week I got my first ever lucky penny, celebrated poppy day for the first time, and was somewhat productive! Click on 'continue reading' to see/read about all my ins & outs from last week!

Monday. 7nov.
In the morning I went straight to the gym after I brought the girls to school, because I like to start of my week productive by getting straight into my gym routine. Also because somehow I find it so hard to actually manage to go to the gym if I haven't been on a Monday morning.
When I got back home I made myself some yummy sweet potato fries and headed straight into the shower! The rest of the day was just doing household duties and taking care of the kiddo's!

Tuesday. 8nov.
So this is where it starts to get a bit more exciting I suppose. I went to Henley so I could get some work done at Starbs since their WiFi actually always works and is just pretty good in general. After procrastinating for a while and watching tons of youtube videos, I actually started all my editing and wrote 2 blogposts. Hurray for productivity!!! 

Wednesday 9nov.
Not gonna lie, this was most likely the most boring day I've had this week. The only thing (besides the usual work) I did was go to the gym. Yup, that's it.

Thursday. 10nov.
Alright, so you may or may not have been wondering where the 'lucky penny' in the title comes from. Well, it's from this day! I was in Henley today, and I popped into Sainsbury's after I got my work done. However, when I was on my way to the bus this lovely old lady and her husband stopped me, telling me this whole story about how they just found a penny on the street, and apparently when you find a penny on the streets, you're never allowed to keep it yourself. You've got to give it away to someone else and it will become their lucky penny. So they gave my their penny and it was literally the cutest thing ever and it made me smile throughout the whole day. So now I've got this lucky coin which I'm planning on keeping as long as possible. Kindness goes a long way.

Friday. 11nov.
Poppy day! Poppy day is basically a Remembrance Day in England where people remember the armed forces that have died in the first world war. We have something similar in Holland on the 4th of May, but it was still nice to see how this all works in England and what kind of traditions they've got here. So after I went to the gym in the morning, I headed to Henley to see what they exactly do on  poppy day.
In the evening my host family had a dinner party at our house and I've literally never seen anything like it. Like not that I've even ever seen a proper dinner party before so it's not like I have anything to compare it with but still. The amount of preparation it took and just how well everything was done! They even got new cutlery and stuff for this party, Insane! Either way, everyone had a good time luckily :-)

Saturday. 12nov.
After sleeping in this morning, and just having a lazy morning in general, I went to Henley to meet up with my friend Julia! The weather was absolutely horrible today though so we got some nice food (donuts!!!!!) and just watched some tv.

Sunday. 13nov.
In the afternoon I went for a nice autumnal walk through Henley because I was on a mission : Take pictures!!! Because I just can't always be bothered to take my huge camera with me all the time, so I just like to set aside a morning or afternoon, just to take photo's! In the evening I met up with Julia again because I was going to support her at her first handball match! And hurray, her team won!!! It was loads of fun and we even saw this amazing sunset!

But I suppose that's it for this week. My dad is coming to London next weekend so I suppose the next update should be loads of fun!
demi x.

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