Monday, 21 November 2016

Hi! I got quite a lot of pictures for you guys this week, so we might as well get straight into last weeks' recap, because it was all very  exciting (especially the weekend)!

Monday. 14nov.
Basically started this week of right! Went to Cafe Nero in Reading with my laptop to edit all my photo's and the video. I personally just prefer working in a cafe since I know that I'll at least get my work done instead of watching like a million youtube videos. In the evening I skyped with my mum because I was incredibly bored, and apart from that nothing much excited happened besides the usual jobs.

Tuesday. 15nov.
Went to the gym in the morning, even though I was soooo tired and the weather was horrible. But I made it!!! Gotta say that I felt completely satisfied and pretty proud of myself that I actually went. In the afternoon I did all my laundry and did some research since my dad is coming to visit me in London this weekend, so I wanted to make some sort of planning of all the things we could do!

Wednesday 16nov.
Went to Reading again to pick up a parcel, but also just to kill some time and look in some shops! Eventually decided to just go and sit and starbucks to read my book because I didn't want to go home yet since I did all my chores in the morning already and there basically wasn't anything left for me to do.

Thursday. 17nov.
Went to the gym again! Also prepared everything for the upcoming weekend - as in charging the camera's, powerbanks, get my bag etc. Apart from that I just chilled around the house. In the evening the whole fam had a little dance party and the girls dressed up as robot suits made out of old cardboard boxes and paper! I was even allowed to draw on them and make a little art work out of it. They're the cutest things ever! Besides that I went to bed early since there's a long day ahead tomorrow!

Friday. 18nov.
Woke up extra early today so I could ready before actually taking the girls to school. As soon as I the girls went to school, I got my back, and went on my way to London! I met up with a friend first and we headed for some lunch at Wagamama's and went for a nice long walk in Hyde Park. Everything looks just so incredibly beautiful this time of the year. However, after the walk we had to go our separate ways because she had to work again and I had to go and meet my dad! My dad & Stepmom are coming to London for the weekend so I showed them around. We first went to Oxford and Regent Street to show them all the christmas lights, which are so so so impressive! And we finished our night at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen - basically the best burgers in town. Seriously wondering whether I'll ever be able to not go the GBK whenever I'm in London. It's just the best thing ever, trust me!!!

Saturday. 19nov.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to London today, because I had to babysit! But luckily I'm pretty sure it was almost equally as fun! The oldest one of the girls went to a Birthday party of a friend, and the youngest one actually had a friend over. I gotta say that I had my hands full of them the whole day, but luckily we had lots of laughs!

Sunday. 20nov.
Got up super duper early again since I had to catch the train to London! Today was the last day I saw my dad & stepmom, before  I go back home myself with christmas. First thing we did was to go to Platform 9 3/4 because we're all Harry Potter nerds at home. Unfortunately it was very crowded due to the new movie, but it was fun nonetheless! After that we made our way to SoHo because we were going to the iconic 'The Breakfast Club' cafe. It's pretty well known which means that you basically have to wait in a queue for an hour before you can actually get in, but it's definitely worth it! So after we got our delicious food (I'd deffo recommend taking the nacho's as a side dish, they're to die for!!!) and chilled for a bit, we got our stuff and went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. We spend most of our evening here and it was so much fun! The atmosphere was incredible and it just got you in the christmas spirits. After that we headed to Camden Lock for a quick bite and then it was time to say goodbye! 

I've had an insanely fun weekend and it was nice to see my family again! I don't have anything planned yet for the upcoming week so we'll see how it turns out.
much love, demi x.

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