Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Hi! So last week was quite a busy one were a lot of eventful things happened! Luckily all of it was loads of fun so I'm definitely not the one to complain! Click on 'continue reading' to find out what I all did!

Monday. 24Oct.
I'm going hoooome! Not for good luckily, but I decided to visit my mom this week since it's her 50th birthday in a couple of days! Thankfully my host mom drove me to the airport since it'd most likely have been a bit of a pain in the ass if I had to go my public transportation. However, I got at the airport waaay to early - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if you like me and get a little stressed out about the ability of missing your flight. But this time I had to wait 4 hours... yup. Luckily I brought a good book with me and the airport had pretty decent wifi! 

Tuesday. 25Oct.
First full day home today! It felt so strange to sleep in my old room again. It was a nice comforting feeling though. Also nice to know that my cat missed me because he woke me up by sitting on the other side of my door meowing until I opened it so he could get in my room. I'm gonna meet up with three of my best friends today since I want to see as many people that are important to me in the couple of days that I'm here! We went out for some coffee together with my brother and basically had the best time ever. It was so nice seeing them again in real life and just talking about basically everything and laughing the whole day. 
In the evening I went to my dad's house for dinner and it was nice to see him again! He's actually coming over to England in 3 weeks so it'll be nice to show him around everything here.

Wednesday. 26Oct.
My mom's birthday, Hurray! She's turning 50 so that's kind of a big deal! Even though she doesn't really celebrate it we got quite some people around, and they even started coming early in the morning - before I was even properly awake!? One of my best friends is coming over as well so that's nice since I obviously hadn't seen her since I was in England. In the early afternoon Jitte, my brother and I went out to take some outfit pictures (I think they're gonna be online soon) which was just completely hilarious because Jitte basically couldn't stop laughing. The rest of the day we basically celebrated my mom's birthday and we went out for dinner in the evening, which was absolutely delicious!

Thursday. 27Oct.
Time to go home again! I decided to have a little lay in since there's not a single thing I needed to do before we head to the airport. Once I got through the security and passport control I realized that my flight was actually delayed. Really, Dutch airports are a mess compared to the english ones. Everything is just so chaotic and badly informed. In the end I had to wait for 1,5 hours until I was finally able to board my flight. However, the delay did mean that we get to fly during sunset, which is my absolute favorite thing ever. And I even met a new friend in the airplane, we were literally just laughing the whole trip! 
Unfortunately the delay wasn't over when I arrived at Heathrow airport, because the Coach bus that was gonna take me to reading was delayed as well for 45minutes. Bad Luck. Anyways, there was nothing I could do about it so I just waited until it turned up. By the time I finally got home I was so extremely tired that I just headed straight to bed.

Friday. 28Oct.
Today I decided to do absolutely nothing, since I was so tired from the past couple of days at home. And somehow flights always tire me out so much even though the only thing you do is either sit at your gate or sit in the airplane?! However, we did celebrate guy fawkes night this night! For everyone who doesn't know what Guy Fawkes Night ( Also known as bonfire night) is: It's a day were you basically celebrate the fact that King James 1 survived the fact that someone tried to blow him up in the House of Lords. (Click here for more information on Guy Fawkes Night!)

Saturday. 29Oct.
Time to prepare for halloween! The kids go pumpkin carving while the whole family is together. In the afternoon we all went out to do some chestnut hunting - and we found loads! Literally the girls were so excited and they counted every single one of them once we got home. We picked a grand total of 225 chestnuts - which is just absolutely insane! So now we basically have enough to feed a whole army. 

Sunday. 30Oct.
I decided to go to Reading since I was desperately on the hunt for a last minute Halloween outfit since we go trick or treating tomorrow. Spoiler: didn't find any. I did need to get some other bobs & bits as well so luckily it wasn't any wasted time. When I got home one of the kids had drawn a family three, and they even put my name on it!!! My heart just literally melted at that point!!! These kids are literally the cutest things ever and it's gonna be difficult to leave them in February :-(

So that's it for this week! I personally think this week's video turned out nicely since I got to do a lot of eventful things so I got some nice footage! In next week's update I'll tell you all about my first Trick or Treating experience with Halloween! 

demi x 

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