Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Hey! So last week I celebrated halloween for the first time, went out for bonfire night and even did some shameless early christmas shopping... But click on 'continue reading' for all the ins & outs of last week!

Monday. 31oct.
Since I've got a week holiday this week, I decided to have a little lay in and basically chill the whole afternoon (besides the fact that I went for a walk). However.. I did needed to get ready because tonight I was gonna celebrate my first ever halloween! Since halloween is not a big thing in holland at all, I'd never experienced it before so I gotta say that I was very excited for tonight! I went trick or treating with my host kids and it was just so much fun and so cute to see them all dressed up!

Tuesday. 1nov.
I honestly can't believe it's November already! And even though you might think like "oh new month, time to start doing new things' and all that kind of stuff - I did the exact opposite and basically stayed in bed the whole day, So there isn't really anything exciting to update you on on this day.

Wednesday. 2nov.
I decided to do at least something productive today, so I went to the gym and actually had a real good workout. When I got home I took a quick shower and went into town to get some new books!

Thursday. 3nov.
Today I finally met up with one of my friends again since I hadn't seen her in two weeks! It was so much fun to catch up again! We went on a walk along the thames and went to a nice lil' cafe. We even took some nice photo's so I'll think I'll show them pretty soon! We even decided to actually go out and look at the fireworks on bonfire night Saturday, so I suppose this is gonna be fun!

Friday. 4nov.
Went to the gym again! And it was actually pretty busy! At the gym that I go to they have these classes for a lot of old people, and it's just so cute to see them dancing around sometimes! Like it's just nice to see all these old people still living and enjoying their live. When I got home we had all these painters in the house since we were redoing our walls and it was just such a mess so I basically spend the rest of my day in my room to hide from the horrible paint smell.

Saturday. 5nov.
I woke up pretty early today, considering the fact that it's actually my day off. But I started off being very productive since I did my laundry, tidied my room and got ready! Then I went out for a nice walk along the country side again and the views were just insanely beautiful since the sun was shining and nature has all these incredible colors. When I got home I made a quick lunch and headed straight into reading to do some shameless early christmas shopping, since I'm doing secret santa this year with both my family, and a group of friends. So I didn't want to be stressed out in the end for not starting christmas shopping early enough. In the evening I went out again to Henley since a couple of other girls and I were going out for bonfire night and to see the fireworks! And we actually had so much fun!!

Sunday. 6nov.
I honestly was so tired from last night that I basically wasted this whole day doing nothing. So unfortunately don't have much to update you on today.. ;-(

So that's it for last week, it's not super duper exciting or anything but hey!! I can't always do adventurious fun stuff!!! However, I'm gonna try to write some other post tomorrow so I can plan them in beforehand, so I'll have some diversity on the blog and not just these England updates. So other posts are coming soon (I promise this time!!!)

Also, hope you enjoy the video!
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demi x

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