Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Hey Hello! Excusez-moi for the delay of this weekly recap! Also, I somehow managed to make barely any photo's last week so the Iphone photo's will have to do for now! The week was filled with two birthdays, so that involved a lot of cupcake making and crafting. Click on 'continue reading' to see what I exactly was up to.

Monday. 21nov.
I went to Reading today because I needed to do some last minute birthday shopping! Both of my host parents have their birthday this week, so I needed to get some presents. I honestly had no idea what to get them, but in the end I managed to find something nice luckily because I was getting slightly stressed out. I also quickly popped in to some second hand shops since I had some time to kill before my bus came, and I managed to get 3 books for a total of 6pounds, such a bargain!!!

Tuesday. 22nov.
Today we basically spend the whole afternoon doing crafts! The girls wanted to make their dad something for his birthday, since they obviously couldn't buy a proper present. So we ended up drawing, and crafting plenty of hearts and flowers with nice birthday messages. In the evening after dinner we made some surprise cupcakes which turned out rather good! 
Also, when I picked the girls up from school the youngest (Mya) asked me if she could measure up my foot because she had to do it for school. To which the oldest (Leah) responded: but we have to do it with family. And Mya said, I know but Demi is kind of family isn't she?! Because she's kind of like our parent as well. Gosh, these kids are so cute!!!

Wednesday. 23nov.
Birthday time!!!! It's my hostdad's birthday today! Unfortunately for him he still has to work on his birthday, so it was just a normal day for me. In the morning I headed to Henley to sit at starbucks and just try to finish my book really. In the evening however, we all had a nice family meal and gave all of our presents, and had a lil dance party in the kitchen!

Thursday. 24nov.
Had to go out to Henley again today to get a last minute birthday present for my host mom, since it's her birthday tomorrow! And because of the birthday tomorrow, the afternoon was spend doing crafts again since the girls wanted to make something nice.

Friday. 25nov.
Basically spend the whole day together with one of the other mum's from down the road. I literally love spending time with her because she's so much fun!!!! Also because she kind of feels like my 2nd mom here, which is really nice. In the evening we celebrated my host mom's birthday, and I had to babysit, so I skyped with my parents!

Saturday. 26nov.
Went to reading today because I managed to run out of all my skincare products, all at once. So I needed to make a visit to lush. But my goodness, it was so so so crowded due to black friday / cyber weekend. Pretty sure this was the worst shopping experience ever. Note to self: Never go to the mall on black friday. Just don't.

Sunday. 27nov.
Went out for lunch today with my hostdad and the girls, since my hostmom was away for the whole day! We went to Strada in Henley, and I had like the best thing ever. It was a starter called 'Arancini', which are basically crispy rice balls with melted cheese and tomato sauce. I'd never heard of it before but jeeez, what have I been missing my whole life?!?!?! However, I ended up eating so much food that I had a serious form of an 'after dinner dip' that I managed to fall fast asleep as soon as we got back home. I woke up a couple hours later due the uncomfortable feeling of falling asleep fully clothed. Nice.

So that's it for this week! Sorry for the lack of photo's but I'll try to make some more in the upcoming week :-)

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