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Hi! Since the last time I wrote about my favorite books, I realised that writing about the books I've read is actually something I really enjoy, and want to do more. However, I got inspired by Jess (sunbeamsjess on youtube), because she does a monthly books video about all the books she'd read that month. And I felt like that might actually be a better idea than just a 'favorite books' post, because this way you can also read about books that I might not have enjoyed as much and wouldn't recommend.  So let's get started on the four books I've read during September!

in particular order

1/ The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho.
" It is the story of a shepherd boy from the Spanish region of Andalusia who dreams of travelling the world in search of a treasure as desirable as any ever found. From his home he journeys to the exotic markets of North Africa and then into the Egyptian desert, where a fateful encounter with the alchemist awaits him...
The alchemist is an unforgettable fable about the essential wisdom of listening to our heart and, above all, following our dreams 
This is the first book I read in the month September. Even though it's not a book I'd read in one sitting (with only 177 pages), I'd highly recommend it. Just like the book "the five people you meet in heaven" (read about it here), it's a book that makes you think about life in a very relaxing and philosophical way. I personally always feel like you've become a lot wiser after reading books like The Alchemist, but that might also be a personal thing ;-)

2/ Beautiful Broken Things - Sara Barnard.
" Caddy and Rosie have always been inseparable, but that was before Suzanne. Now caddy wants to be more than Just the quiet one. She wants something to happen. I  was Brave...
Suzanne is trying to escape her past and be someone different. Someone free. She was reckless...
But sometimes downward spirals have a momentum of their own. We were trouble. 
And no one an break your heart like a best friend. "
Before I started reading this books I had pretty high expectations of it, I was in love with the way the cover looked, and I adored how mysterious the back story of the book sounded, and the titel made it sound like a prefect read. So I can tell you that I was pretty excited to actually read it. However, after a few pages I started to get disappointed, it might have been because I'd set my expectations so high.. but it really is just another teen adult book.
And I currently feel like I'm kind of in the awkward inbetween state where I feel like I'm getting a bit too old for teen adult books, it's just not relatable anymore and it feels like you're a grown up watching a kids movie, but I do feel a bit too young for reading proper literature adult books. I do read them sometime but I just don't feel like I find them so enjoyable.
However, that doesn't mean it was an awful book at all. It was written nicely, and it had a good storyline for a teen-adult book, but I'd definitely recommend reading this book when you're around the age of 15-16, since it'll be a hell of a lot more enjoyable then!

3/ All the light we cannot see - Anthony Doerr
' Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever.'
For Marie-Laure, blind since the age of six, the world is full of mazes. The miniature of a Paris neighbourhood, made by her father to teach her the way home. The microscopie layers within the invaluable diamond that her father guardes in the Museum of Natural History. The walled city by the sea, where father and daughter take refuge when the Nazis invade Paris. And a future which draws her ever closer to Werner, a german orphan, destined to labour in the mines until a broken radio fills his life with possibility and brings him to the notice of the Hitler Youth.
In this magnificent, deeply moving novel, the stories of Marie-Laure and Werner illuminate the ways, against all odds, people try to be good to one another. " 
To be honest, the main reason I picked this book up in the first place is because I'd heard loads about it and read lots of good reviews online. Also, this is the first ever book I read about the war, so it was something completely different for me. Luckily, different doesn't necessarily have to mean bad! It did take my around 80 pages to really get into the book and the storyline, but I'm not completely sure whether that's because this is the first book I read about the subject, or whether it's just of the book itself. I really loved the story because it was something completely different than what you usually see around. It was really interesting and I also felt like the writer had done a lot of research about the second world war or had just generally a lot of knowledge about it because it all felt like it was very real.  However, because it's a war book that's so well written, I'd recommend to read it only if you're 16+ since it does have some cruel bits in there.

4/ Before I die. - Jenny Downham.
" Tessa is sixteen. Tessa is dying. But before that moment comes, she has an awful lot of living to do ...
So she's made a list of everything she wants to do before she dies. Number one is sex. Starting tonight.
Heartbreaking and devastating, yet sparkling with life, this internationally bestselling novel celebrates what it is to be alive by confronting what it's really like to die.
When I started reading this, I felt like it was yet another teen adult book that wouldn't be very enjoyable for me to read. Oh, how wrong could I be?! I started reading it in the morning and I finished it in a day. It's a captivating story that teaches you to live in the now, and not to wait for tomorrow.
And like the New York Times already wrote: " I don't care how old you are. This book will not leave you. " I'm pretty sure it definitely won't. It's really a story for the young and old!
 So that's it for my September Books! Hope you enjoyed it, and who knows, you might pick up a book or two to read yourself! ;-). Let me know if you have any recommendations for other books that I could read! I hope to be able to make these posts a regular thing every month because I just genuinely enjoy writing about it.

Demi x.

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  1. Beautiful Broken Things heeft inderdaad een hele mooie kaft, ik zou hem alleen daarvoor al kopen! Maar Before i die heeft toch wel mijn aandacht getrokken, die komt op mijn to read lijstje te staan!


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