Saturday, 1 October 2016

Hiya! I was browsing around on my laptop and found these photo's me and my brother made before I went away to England! So I figured it might as well be time for me to post them before I even forget about the existence of them ;-)
The weather was extremely good in my last week back in the Netherlands, so I've practically been living in this dress because it's incredibly comfy and light, while still looking presentable!
I also got this backpack during the summer and I've been on the hunt for it for quite a few months before actually getting it since it was sold out almost everywere because it's of last years' collection. But I'm literally obsessed with it since it's just the perfect size. And I prefer backpacks waaay more than just regular handbags since I like to have my hands and arms free.

I hope to be able to shoot some outfitposts in England as well, but we'll see since I don't really have anyone here who can make proper photo's. Anyhow, I do have some other ideas of new posts, so don't worry - this blog won't turn into just updates about my life here!

demi x.
what am I wearing?
Cheap monday dress
??? jacket
topshop booties
calvin klein backpack
tommy hilfiger watch
anna-nina & josh bracelets


  1. Leuk outfitje! Die rugzak is zo mooi!

  2. Laarsjes en een jurkje vind ik zo leuk! Mooi! X

  3. Superleuke outfit! De tas is zo gaaf!

  4. Wat een leuke outfit! Ik vind de tas echt supertof!


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