Monday, 17 October 2016

Hiya! This week I joined my weekly recap + video all in one post! Click on read more to see what I've done in England the whole week!

 Monday. 10 oct. 
still feeling a bit under the weather so I basically went to bed for the whole day while the girls are at school. I even had to call off my other babysitting job which I always do on Monday morning unfortunately.

Tuesday. 11 oct. 
in the morning I had a bit of a pamper morning and in the afternoon I completed all my chores and tidied my whole room because it was literally  driving me nuts. Also I just always feel a 100% better and more productive when I've done all of my chores. So the saying: "a tidy room is a tidy mind" is really true. Even though tidying and cleaning everything up can be a pain in the ass sometimes, it's gonna be worth it in the end!

Wednesday. 12 oct.
Went to the gym again! hurray. I literally can't believe how unfit I am at the moment. and I really want to get back into a proper healthy fitness/lifestyle again because I know I'll feel loads better about myself and basically I've just been slacking the last couple of months. Even though I might have worked out a bit too hard in the gym because even walking to my bus stop was difficult and I probably looked like someone who had just pooped their pants because my legs were so sore.

Thursday. 13 oct.
Yup, I definitely worked out a bit too hard/heavy in the gym yesterday. I'm not even able to walk like a decent human being and even getting out of bed feels like a workout itself now. However, I tried to go along my day as I usually would, and I even promised the girls to do some crafts after school because they love doing crafts! We decided to make the vampires (pictured below). However, the paint wasn't dry before dinner so we'd have to finish them tomorrow!

Friday. 14 oct.
Started my day feeling a 100% better! The cold was gone, so even though I'm still not able to walk like a decent human being, the workout must have done something good! While the girls were at school I went into Reading to meet up with another au pair. And when I got home it was time to finish our vampires!

Saturday. 15 oct.
Decided to have a little lay in because I just couldn't be bothered to get out of bed. Watched a whole lot of youtube video's until I basically couldn't find anything else I liked anymore. However, I did head into town in the afternoon because I had to get my mom's birthday present! 

Sunday. 16 oct.
After having a lazy morning again I decided to actually get some work done. I was planning on heading into Henley to go to a cafe to edit, but since the family asked whether I wanted to join family dinner tonight I decided to stay home since I otherwise had to be back in time. So I edited all the photo's you're seeing now, my weekly video + some random bits and bobs. And I even skyped with one of my best friends for 2.5 hours..., oops.
Family dinner in the evening consisted of something typically english, and since i'm quite the picky eater I wasn't sure whether I would like it, but I actually loved it! We had some roasted potatoes, peas,  roasted beef and yorkshire pudding, yum!

Also, this week I decided to just put the weekly recap & video all in one post since I both got them done at the same time and I figured I might as well just do it since it's a bit easier.
So if you can't view the video, click here! And don't forget to watch in HD!
demi x.

last two photo's are made by Sophie!

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