Monday, 3 October 2016

Hiya! So this week is mostly me spending time on my own (I love me some me-time!!!), and doing loads of fun stuff in the weekends! 

Monday. 26 sept.
In the morning I just did my usual things, took the kids to school and went straight to my other job: babysitting two other 2 year olds. Luckily this time went better than the last one because that one was quite a nightmare. The kids still need to get used to me, and we got a lot to improve, but I feel like we're at least gonna get there some day! When I got home at 12:45 I just chilled on my bed before I had to get my own host kiddo's from school! In the evening I made Thai Green Curry for dinner, and it was the first time I actually made it from scratch and it turned uit a-ma-zing. The kids loved it as well, hurray!

Tuesday. 27sept.
Today I went to Reading because I had my first day at the gym. Whenever you sign up to a gym here in England you need to have an 'induction' first, which is basically an hour were you need to fill in some forms, they even check your blood pressure(!!!) and they walk you around the gym and explain how everything works and make you some kind of work-out plan. Unfortunately I had my induction at the shittiest time ever (12pm) and it took quite a bit longer than I expected, which resulted in me missing my bus back home - so I had to take a bloody cab. Because my bus only comes once an hour, and I'd planned to skype with mom at 2pm! Luckily I got home right in time! But taking the cab was still a bit of a waste of money. Anyways, I'm very glad I have the whole gym thing settled now, so I can just go whenever I fancy.

Wednesday. 28sept.
Went to Henley in the morning because I had to pick up some bits and bobs, like the books I'd ordered the week before and I had to pick up one of my clothing items from the dry cleaners. Feeling like a real functioning adult. In the afternoon I took a nap and picked up the girls from school like usually!

Thursday. 29sept.
 I started binge-watching last years' vlogtober from sunbeamsjess. She's my absolute fave youtuber so   I honestly watched waaay to much of those vlogs than I should have. But I absolutely love it. Today I just took some time to relax since it was gonna be a busy weekend!

Friday. 30sept.
In the morning I did my usual work, and afterwards it was time to go to Reading! On friday's I only have to work in the morning, so I have the whole afternoon off, which is pretty nice because then I don't have to worry whether I'm gonna be back in time to pick up the girls and such. In reading I just went to my fave cafe and spend most of the afternoon there, to read my books. As soon as I got home it was time to pack my stuff because I was going to stay over at a friends house in Henley for the weekend! Because her hostmom was away and we had some fun stuff planned. We watched a movie in the evening and went to bed at a decent time since we had to wake up early the next day!

Saturday. 1oct.
It's the first of October, oh my! Time is flying by so fast and in a couple days I'll be here for a month already! At 9am we took the car and went on our way to... Brighton! We had sooo much fun, and Brighton is extremely beautiful. I just can't believe how this is basically the same ocean as it is on the dutch seaside, but it's waaay more blue over here and there's a lot more waves! We also went to Seven sisters, and I was just in awe, how is it even possible that the world is so beautiful!!! I'm gonna make a seperate post with all the photo's from this day since I made quite a lot!

Sunday. 2oct.
We were SO tired today, from all the walking we did yesterday. I can also just feel myself getting a cold, I've got a sore throat and my head is aching. We decide to just have a chill day, so we watched a movie in the morning. And I went home around lunch time to get some more sleep, and rest in the hope that my cold will go away. In the evening I skyped with my family, and I even 'watched tv with them' and it was a lot of fun, and it just kind of felt like I was there with them!

be prepared for the post about brighton and seven sisters, because I've got a lot of beautiful photo's edited! 
write you soon.
demi x.


thank you for reading and taking the time to comment on my post. xxx