Monday, 10 October 2016

Hi! Time for my fifth weekly England post again! Time flies by when you're having fun, I suppose ;-) . I'll already apologize in advance for the lack of photo's this week, but I just seem to forgetting to even take them. I'll try to get some more next week, but no promises!

Monday. 3 oct.
After taking the girls to school I went on to my next job as usual. And I know I said this last week as well, but I really feel like the kids at my other babysit job are starting to accept and appreciate me way more. They even wanted some cuddles today! After that I went on to edit my Video of last week and luckily I got that done pretty soon.

Tuesday. 4 oct.
After getting all the chores done I went to reading to do some work in my favorite cafe. And I really feel like I'm finally getting into a proper routine again, which is really nice because I love to have some sort of routine so I at least have something to hold on to. Also realised I love working in a cafe. Normally I'd just go there and read for hours, which I still really like. But it's also a really nice and motivating working enviorment, without any "afleidingen"

Wednesday. 5 oct.
popped into henley to get a few bits and bobs. Unfortunately I got a cold last sunday which is really setting through now, and is a legit pain in the ass. So I felt pretty miserable and got home very soon to have some down time and to try to relax

Thursday. 6 oct.
just like tuesday I went into Reading to get some work done. I really feel like the annoying person you always hear in class or in public transportation which has the worst cold ever and needs to blow their nose all the goddamned time. Yikes.
Anyhow, on my way walking to the busstop I saw a homeless man, I was just walking through this little narrow street to get into the city center while eating one of my yoghurt biscuits, seeing him made me feel really bad since I was just walking around eating biscuits like its nothing, while he didn't have a single thing to eat. So I gave him my biscuits. And since I still had some spare time to kill before my bus would be there, I went quickly into boots, got quite some water and food. Went back to the homeless man and gave everything to him. It's incredible how something so small can make someone's day. And while he was so happy and grateful for everything I got him, he made my day as well. Kindness will go a long way guys.

Friday. 7 oct.
The girls had a day off school today, so I took them around for a fun day! We started off by going to Henley, have a play in the park and we even went for some fancy lunch which they absolutely loved! Then we headed to reading to go to some craft stores because I promised them to do crafts in the afternoon. We ended up making an autumnal light jar and they were obsessed. They literally thought it was the most brilliant thing ever! So cute! In the evening we lit the fire in the house for the first time and it's so cosy.

Saturday. 8 oct.
I'd actually planned to go to a vintage kilo sale in Oxford today, but none of my friends were interested to come along so I ended up in London instead. Glad I made the decision though because I had an insane amount of fun. I just met up with 3 other dutch au pairs and it was sooo nice to talk my home language again and just being able to make inappropriate jokes and be sarcastic without people thinking your rude. It was also nice to just go to London without a plan, so we just wandered around a bit and went to primrose hill. Ended the night with Burgers at Byron burgers in Camden, yum!

Sunday. 9 oct.
Today I just wanted to stay in bed as loooong as I could. I was 100% ready for a lazy day. Somehow ended up feeling restless and pretty useless so I ended up going to Reading so I could work in my favorite cafe again. Working on alllll the editing isn't bad if you love what you do. But I kind of feel like I'm so used to working now that I just don't know what to do with myself when I got time to relax. Like what even is relaxing???? how do u do it????

Anyhow, that's it! I edited the whole video from the week as well so that should be up pretty soon! Also, look out for my brighton/seven sisters post because I've got a lot of pretty pictures in there!
x demi.

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  1. Toffe foto's weer! Fijn dat je daar in een routine begint te komen en dat het nog steeds zo leuk is. En wat lief dat je dat voor die man had gedaan :)


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