Monday, 24 October 2016

Hiya! So here's a new weekly updated filled with me being sick, discovering new places and getting a drastic haircut! 

Monday. 17oct. 
Went to my babysit job after bringing my own (host)kids to school, which was for the last time this week since both of the kids are going into either nursery or childcare after midterm!

Tuesday. 18oct.
Literally skyped with one of my friends from back home for 4hrs... which is absolutely insane, not gonna lie. However we finally did catch up properly on a lot of things, and it's just nice to talk your own language! I used to hate the dutch language and I thought it sounded horrible, but when you're basically forced to talk a different language all the time, it's just nice to sometimes fall back into your mother tongue and be able to talk without having to think about anything. Don't get me wrong, because English is my favorite language though.
In the evening I had a home made pizza night with my kiddo's! We probably do this once every week - have a night were we make ourselves home made pizza and the girls just love helping me making the dough and putting all their toppings on the pizza!

Wednesday. 19oct.
I went to the gym in the morning, which went really well! Afterwards I went to henley because I had to get myself some bits for dinner in the evening! However somehow I managed to get sick and I've been literally hugging the toilet for the whole night because I had to throw up waaay to many times (soz if this is tmi). Because apparently they have something here called the 'winter vomiting bug', and let me tell you, it's the absolute worst. I think that this night is also the first night where I got properly homesick because I just felt absolutely horrible and normally my mom would take care and help me and all that stuff when I'm sick but now I just had to do everything myself and I just felt completely shitty.

Thursday. 20oct.
Because of the whole fiasco last night, I was barely able to even get any sleep. So today I made my bed on the couch so I could still watch the girls when they got home from school, while actually having a rest and try to get rid of this bloody sickness. Being sick is just so frustrating because I feel just so damned restless all the time. 

Friday. 21oct.
Luckily I woke up feeling so much better today! Hurray, thank god this bug often doesn't last a lot longer than two days! Today I went to Reading to get my mom's birthday present, since she's gonna turn 50 next week and I'm going to surprise her by coming home next Monday for a couple of days!

Saturday. 22oct.
Well, this might be the most exciting day of all. Because I went to the hairdressers! Quite some time ago I decided that I wanted to donate my hair, unfortunately it wasn't long enough at the time so I needed to let it grow first. But now it was finally long enough! I'll insert a photo below of how it looks like now, but proper photo's will be coming soon! After the hairdressers I decided to go for a long walk along the thames, since I've been telling myself that I need to make photo's with my proper camera now it's autumn, and the leaves are all beautiful colored. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't good at all so all the photo's turned out rubbish. 

Sunday. 23oct.
I started the morning off with packing my bags, since I'm flying home tomorrow! And to be honest it was quite a bit harder than I thought. Because this time I'm flying with only carry-on luggage, so you obviously need to take into account that you can't bring a lot of liquids, and not your whole wardrobe - which is embarrassing enough something that I always do. In the afternoon I went on a walk again because I was on a serious mission to finally get some nice photo's! (Which I think I did because I'm quite happy with most of the photo's in this post!) I also discovered a whole new path along the thames into the nature which was so beautiful, especially with all the autumn colors! 
It's just so funny that I felt like I already knew most of the things in my area after two months, while there probably is a whole lot left for me to discover!

So that's it for this week! I think I'm gonna write a separate post about the whole hair donation thing, so I'll give you a lot more info/insight as to why I did it and how it works etc. Also, I feel like I'm just gonna put my weekly video and weekly update together in one post from now on, because it just seems a bit useless to me to make two separate posts for it. 
I've already got some more posts planned in, so stay tuned for that!
demi x.

Hope you enjoy the video!
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