Friday, 14 October 2016

As promised, here's my post about my trip to Brighton and Seven Sisters. I could've of course just popped all these photo's in my weekly England Recap but first of all: I wouldn't want to bury you guys under aaaaall these photo's, but most of all: I felt like they deserved their own post because some of them are insanely pretty.

entry of my journal on the first of October, 2016.
" I went to Brighton and Seven Sisters today with my friend Julia. I was going to spend the whole weekend at her house and we've been looking forward to this trip for quite some time. Having never been to Brighton before, and doing little research, we didn't quite know what to expect. However, Julia had been to Seven Sisters' last week and got me completely hyped up about how beautiful it is. So I've made it todays aim to visit it, along with visiting Brighton. Brighton itself was pretty nice and definitely had some cool spots, however  - it was nothing compared to the beach itself. Call me silly but I definitely didn't think that the sea would look this gorgeous, because in my mind it made sense that it literally was across the Dutch seaside so I thought it'd be pretty much the same. How wrong could I be?! The sea was incredibly blue with playful waves crashing into the shore every time
I was so in awe of what the sea looked like, that I didn't even think about the fact that I'd see something much better today, because at that small moment at the pier, watching the waves - things could in fact not get any better today. Drop a girl at her favorite place and she'll never want to leave. Which is basically me and my love for the sea.
On our way to Seven Sisters (it's a 30min drive away from Brighton), we sang along to music and basically just enjoyed ourselves and talked about random topics. I feel like I'm gonna be obsessed with long drives through England because nature is beautiful. And so is life. Driving into our parking lot you could already see the outlines of the cliffs. This was going to be amazing. We started our walk being very lucky with the weather. Lots of sunshine and we were even able to go and see a sunset from the top of the cliffs. Even though we couldn't complain about the sun, the wind was definitely something else. There was a wind so strong that it would blow all your worries away in one go. The whole way up just felt like one big adventure. It was quite some walk and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have sore muscles tomorrow, but it was all worth it. 
Reaching the top was the most insanely beautiful thing ever, it was relaxing, statisfying and breath-taking. We had an amazing view over the Seven Sisters, the whole ocean and we could look over the village that was located next to the Seven Sisters. The world is such a beautiful place and it's definitely a shame we don't realize it more often. We were counting ourselves incredibly lucky that we were able to watch the sunset from the top of the cliffs. Unfortunately it was like the sky has counted us lucky enough already and the weather quickly turned around into a grey darkness with rain pouring down. This luckily didn't take away our incredible experience, but it does make a good excuse to visit it another time because due to the grey darkness the view wasn't half as beautiful and 99% of the photo's turned out rubbish" 
So as you can probably tell from my journal entry, this day was amazing. We had loads of fun and it will definitely be one to remember. 10/10 would recommend to visit the Seven Sisters, just make sure you do it on a sunny day otherwise the view won't even be half as beautiful.
Oh and like I said in my journal entry, I didn't get a lot of photo's from the actual Seven Sisters (except for the one with the rainbow) due to the grey weather and rain, but hope you like them nonetheless.
Also, as you might notice while going through all the photos; I figured out how to actually put the whole 'gold foil' effect/trend on the photo's, and I actually dig it.

I hope you enjoy looking at these photo's as much as I do.
demi x. 


  1. aiiiiii wat een fijne mooie foto's! Om jaloers op te worden (/ik ben jaloers.)

  2. Wauw! Je foto en edit skills zijn echt heel erg pretty! Super gaaf met de tekst en toegevoegde stipjes. Nieuwe follower hiero!

  3. Prachtig is het daar! Staat absoluut nog op mijn reisverlanglijstje!


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