Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Hi! So after quite some while I'm back with another favorites! I personally love reading what other people's random favorites are, and I love sharing mine since we all like discovering new things I suppose?! :-)

One) This Paddywax Candle.
As I've said in my older favorites post, I love candles. They transform your room into the ultimate cozy spot, which is perfect for autumn/winter. So for the occasion; I got a candle that definitely screams autumn to me because of the smell. Normally I'd go for candles that smell really fresh and light, however this one smells like Mandarin and Lavender. And I know that those two might sound like an odd combination, but let me tell you - it's perfect! The candle leaves a nice rich herbal/spicey smell. Honestly I'm not too good at describing smells so if you do have the chance - go check it out.

Two) My Dr. Martens.
I'd been looking around for new Dr Martens for quite a while, so when I was in London I figured that I might as well pop in store. I tried these on as my first pair and I completely fell in love! Like the usual with Dr Martens, you do need to break them in for a bit, but once that's done they walk incredibly comfortable! 
However,  I was trying to find these babies for you guys on the website from Dr Martens, but I realized that these were actually under the 'men's section'. Not that it really matters though because they're just shoes?! Like would be a bit insane to put a gender label on that right? So if you're interested, you can find them on the website here.

Three) No7 Moisturize Drench Lipsticks.
So I even got two make-up favorites! That doesn't happen very often. Mostly because I just like to stick to my routine and don't try out a whole lot. However, since I moved to England I somehow ended up spending a lot of money on new make-up, oops. Luckily it wasn't all a waste because I discovered some new products that I absolutely love. And one of them are these two lipsticks!

When you put them on, they feel like a lipbalm, but they are as pigmented as a proper lipstick. Which is definitely a win-win to me because that means that besides the moisturizing they do, they also look really good! Unfortunately, since it does have the lipbalm formula, the color doesn't stay on the whole day and you definitely have to re-apply throughout the day, but that personally isn't a problem for me.

Four) Barry M Kohl Pencil in Bronze.
Since I'm looking after kids everyday, I don't have the time (and to be honest can't even be bothered) to do my makeup every morning. But I do still want to look presentable and some sort of alive. So I headed out to go and look for a brown eyepencil, so I can still enhance my eyes, and look awake without having to do much effort. I found this one of Barry M and it's absolutely gorgeous, it's a nice bronze shade with a slight shimmer and it glides on perfectly. It almost feels like it's some sort of slightly creamy consistency.  Unfortunately it doesn't stay perfect for a whole day because it's so creamy, but up until now it hasn't quite bothered me that much. However: if you do know a good alternative, let me know!

Five) Milk and Honey - Rupi Kaur
I'd been following Rupi on Instagram for aaages before I actually purchased her book. But I just couldn't help it because I'm so obsessed with her writing. This is the first ever poetry book that I've owned, but I love it and it makes me want to read more of it. I'm not gonna tell you too much about it now though because it's obviously going to be featured in my November Reads!

So that's it for now. Hope you have a good day, and I'll write you soon!
demi x.


  1. Deze foto's zijn zo cosy allemaal, leuke post! Ik houu van die Dr Martens!

  2. Heerlijke favorieten! Die geurkaars lijkt me ook echt zo fijn.


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