Saturday, 3 September 2016

If you've been up to date with my blog lately, you may have seen me mentioning the fact that I'm gonna move to England today!! And for those who have not seen anything about it, let me tell you what I'm gonna do there for 6 months..

So, when I finished high school, I decided that I wanted to take a gap year so I could become an Au Pair in England. I have to admit, finishing the application, filling in all the paperwork and getting the right references took me quite a bit longer than I would've wanted to (since I'm going with the organization Travel Active) Not that I regret any of this though.

So today is the big day! And even though I'm beyond excited and can't wait to start the journey, I'm also nervous as hell and shitting bricks - not even kidding. In a few hours I'll be in a plane on my way to my lovely host family. It'll be the first time I meet them in real life and even though I've chatted with them on skype and via email, knowing that they're nice people, it's still scary to me. 
Because doing new things and getting out of my comfort zone is not something I'm particulary good at, nor is it very exciting to me because I'll just always feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable doing new things. I just like to know exactly what I'm doing and where I am at. 

Being the controlfreak that I am, I decided that going on this huge adventure, planning everything on my own and doing everything myself would be a good thing for me. It's a huge contrast between who I actually am and between the person I'd like to be. - Ready to take the world and always ready for adventure, without feeling anxious and completely stressed out -. Hopefully these six months will teach me new things about myself. I want to learn how to be completely comfortable in a new situation, and I want to learn to stop overthinking and take everything as it comes.

I know that this post is not completely the sort of things that I'd usually share. It's personal and coming close to me, making me even feel slightly vulnerable. And that's one of the reason why I decided to share this, because I want people to see, and to know that going on an adventure ( or even out of your comfort zone) doesn't always come naturally to people. It takes some real guts to do it. Even though going on adventure is what you always dreamed of, or maybe going to this huge event or whatever it is that you want to do. It can be scary, especially when the time is finally there. But at the end of the day, it'll make you incredibly proud and content with yourself. And this way it'll be easier to do so next time.

I hope to make quite some post about England and my life as an Au Pair when I'm there. Even though I'm not completely sure whether I'll be able to update often. But I'm satisfied enough if I can even make it to 1 update a week.

Hope to talk to you soon,
demi x.


  1. Ahhh zo tof Demi dat je nu weggaat! Ik wens je heeeel veel plezier & succes, het zal heel erg wennen worden. Maar ik weet zeker dat je het heel erg naar je zin gaat hebben daar. Ik ben heel erg benieuwd naar alles wat je gaat meemaken daar! Succes girl! Xxxx

  2. Oooooh and I love your tattoo wauw!

  3. demayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tot in oktober hond


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