Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Hi! So like the titel already suggests, most of this week (19-25sept) has just been about sorting out the last bits and bobs like my new gym membership, and just a lot of relaxing. This also resulted in a lot less photo's, but hey, it's alright! I'm planning on keeping up with these weekly 'England updates' until I get home after 6 months really. 

Monday. 19sept.
After taking the girls to school, I had to go on to my next job: Another place to babysit! Today was the first time and it was ok. Not that great but that's also because the kiddo I'm babysitting obviously still needs to get used to me since she's only 2,5. The reason I got this other place to babysit at for a few hours is because my hostparents offered it to me, because they knew this family very well and it's a good way to earn some extra money. Also because I just have waaaay to much spare time on my hands and I'd otherwise probably just get extremely lazy... not gonna lie.

Tuesday. 20sept.
Time for some household duties! Well actually just doing some hovering and putting away the dishes as usual, but Tuesday is kind of more the day I always do my laundry. Hurray! Also, since the cleaners are always coming on Wednesday, I always have the time to sit back a bit since I don't have to do loads of cleaning whatsoever since I know it's gonna be done tomorrow. (not that I have to clean that much though, because it's just kind of the things you'd do at home as well, so I'm not allowed to complain!)

Wednesday. 21sept.
Today I went to Reading for the first time! Well not actually the first time because obviously I've been to the station and such, but this was the first time I properly went into the city. I have to admit: I didn't like it that much at first because it's kind of big and just not very logic?! If that even makes any sense.., but I'm starting to get to know my way around now! 
Also, I signed up to the gym in the evening, because after talking about it for 2 weeks, it was time to get it actually done! This really was one of the last bits I needed to sort out so I think I'm all set now!

Thursday. 22sept.
Went to Henley today, since it's starting to be my go to place whenever I need to run some errands. Ordered some new books at the bookshop and brought my new vintage treasure to the dry cleaner since it needed to be sorted out a bit. Also, someone commented on the fact that I was dressing like it's incredibly cold.... but it was only 16degrees and it was cold!!! Literally one thing I really notice here is that people are just never ever ever cold. Like 16 degrees with quite some wind and rain??? Cool! Let's wear bare legs and a croptop!!! Like?!?! I just wore a dress with thights/ a flannel / a denim jacket and a big scarf, and it was definitely appropriate for the weather that day!!!

Friday. 23sept.
Took the bus to Reading because I've wanted to check out some places I'd read about online. Because so far I'd only seen (clothing)stores in Reading, so I was on the hunt for some cute cafe's! And I definitely found my new favorite spot! It's the perfect place to hang around and read a book or even get some work done!
And in the evening I just did some extra babysitting again, which was fairly easy because all the kids were in bed by the time I got there, except for the oldest one!

Saturday. 24sept.
Today it was the first time I met the whole family of my host family. (does this sentence even make sense??? probs not). And I'm not gonna lie, I was quite nervous. Especially because you're just meeting a lot of new people at the same time, and because these people are obviously (probably subconscious) gonna look at how you are getting along with the kids and stuff. Luckily the nerves were all for nothing because it went perfectly fine and everyone was so incredibly nice and friendly. I had some good talks with everyone and just in general a good time. And we were at this beautiful place, called the BoWood House.

Sunday. 25sept.
I think today might has been the first day I felt some sort of homesickness. Not necessarily the kind were you miss your parents and family. But it was more the kind were I missed how familiar everything is at home. Being here in England means that I have to push myself out of my comfort zone all the time and have to do new things and experience new things, and while all of this is great I do sometimes miss to just be able to sit back and relax, without having to worry whether I'm getting the most out of my time here. So because I felt a bit 'meh' I decided to go to Reading since I just had to get out of the house to get some fresh air. Went straight to my favorite cafe, and just sat down with a good book and relaxed. Later that night I also skyped with two of my best friends and everything felt alright again.

As you can see, I didn't do a lot of exciting stuff this week, but it's nice because I can kind of feel myself getting into a routine which I really like. 
demi, x.

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