Sunday, 11 September 2016

Hiya! After my first week as an Au Pair in England, it is time for an update. I'd like to make these a weekly thing as it's easy this way for everyone who wants to keep updated (which is probably 99% my family and 1% actual followers I suppose, lol). So I think I'm just gonna go and post these every Sunday. Also, be prepared for a lot of photo's!

Saturday. 3/09.
I'm not gonna lie, getting on the plane and saying goodbye to my family was pretty rough. I'm just never really good in stressful situations and since I hadn't been on a plane for 6 years, this was definitely one of them. Fun fact: I almost missed my flight, woops. 
When I arrived in England I luckily lost all of the stress and met my lovely hostfamily! The rest of the day was mostly just a chilled day by unpacking my suitcases and getting to know everyone.

Sunday. 4/09.
Today was the day were I got most of my bearings and sorted some stuff out. My hostmom showed my around the area and the two nearest cities in the morning, and in the afternoon we went to Basildon park, which is basically a thing of the national trust in the UK and lots of people can visit it. When Basildon Park isn't open to viewers, it's sometimes getting used as locations for films or series.
And I had an early night because monday was the big day; first day of work!

Monday. 5/09.
First work day! I had to get up around 6:30am to get everything ready before I took the kids to school. I was free from 9am till 3pm which is quite long and I didn't quite know what to do since I still had to get used to everything and it felt a bit strange to live in someone's house. Also, the village I live in has literally 1 corner shop which is maybe the size of my bedroom, so there isn't much to see in my own village when I have free time and I hadn't figured out how the public transportation and stuff worked here. So I just took a nap in the afternoon, hooverd and cleaned the dishes, which was basically it. So I have to admit I was very happy when I got to pick the kids up from school because then atleast I had something to do. 

Tuesday. 6/09.
This morning the youngest kid was home from school since she didn't have to start until 1pm because it was only her second day. In the afternoon I made some plans to meet up with another au pair in Henley on Thames tomorrow (the nearest city). And I was so stoked because 1) I'd figure out how public transportation worked, 2) I'd explore more stuff in the area, and 3) I'd have a possible new friend!

Wednesday. 7/09.
We're through half of the week already and I'm feeling more and more at home and at ease. Everyone gets along really well and I just like being here. Also: English people are just so friendly and helpful in general!!! Their manners are insane and dutch people could learn a lot from them, what the ...!
Anyhow, I met up with Julia (the other au pair) today in Henley and we got along so well, so hurray for making new friends! Henley on thames is a beautiful city as well, and I'm definitely gonna go and visit it many more times.

Thursday. 8/09.
I just fell in love with Henley on Thames yesterday that I decided to go again today, just on my own. I loved walking around, going to cute cafe's and taking loads of pictures/ filming bits and bobs. I personally love going to cities on my own because it's just so easy and relaxing since you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. In the evening I made food for the kids, which I do every night. But this time I made an attempt to cook beans for the first time (I don't like them so I'd never had them before) and I just failed miserably the first time. Second time around they looked actually quite good. So when it was dinner time I gave the kids their plate and ate together with them, and I could just hear them whispering: "do you like these beans..." "no, I don't like them. Do you?' ".. No, not really". Literally this was just so hilarious to me because they were absolutely convinced that I wasn't able to hear them even though I was sitting next to them.

Friday. 9/09.
Today I went to Henley... again. Haha! I spend almost the whole day there since I still had some writing in my journal to do and I wanted to finish my book, so instead of doing it at home I choose a fun environment. I ended op going this insanely cute cafe called 'hot gossip' and it's definitely one of my favorites! In spent the evening skyping with my best friend Veerle from home since the parent's were out and I had to stay up a bit to babysit anyway. Thankfully she was lovely enough (yo veerz i know ur reading this!!!!!) to skype with me till the parents got home cuz this girl here is afraid to be home in the dark. (very much an adult)

Saturday. 10/09.
I went to London for the first time! I arranged to meet up with a lot of dutch au pairs at victoria station and it was just so nice to be able to talk dutch for a while! Everyone was so nice and we had loads of fun together. Had lunch at pret a manger and went to eat burgers in the evening at gourmet burger kitchen,  those burgers were heavenly, let me tell you!!! We basically just laughed the whole day so I felt very much truly happy and content and just in general to be very blessed to live in England for 6 months. When I got home at night I had to take the cab home from the station and I felt very much like a legit adult instead of an adult in training!!! Taking the cab isn't very common in Holland and I'd only done it like 3 times before in my whole life so yeah... very responsible, much adult demi.

Sunday. 11/09.
Today I slept through all 3 of my alarms because I was just exhausted from the whole week. It's just so intense to get all these new impressions every day, and your brain is constantly working because you're speaking a different language. Luckily I had the day off today so it didn't actually matter that I slept through all my alarms. In the afternoon we went to this insanely big tesco because I was over the moon to go grocery shopping! Literally it's so lame but I love doing it. In holland the supermarkets are generally pretty small or just like regular sized I suppose, but some of them are huge here! And they even sell TV's, what?!
The rest of the day I just edited all the photo's you see in this blogpost now and I edited bits of the video that I'm gonna put on youtube asap. It's also gonna be about my first week in England but I think you'll be kind of able to see it better what's it like in video type. I'll also post it here as soon as it's online!

So I hope you liked this post. write you soon x.

All photo's are taken in either Henley on Thames, Basildon Park or London!


  1. Waauw Demi wat een avontuur zeg! Vond het heel leuk om te lezen allemaal :) Fijn dat je het zo naar je zin hebt daar, gave foto's ook! Liefs!


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