Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Hello! So my second week in England is completely over, so time for a new update! This week was quite a busy week, and I made an insane amount of photo's, so get yourself a cuppa of tea, get comfy and prepare yourself for loads of photo's!

Monday. 11 sept.
Today I went to Henley... again. Yes, I think it's just my favorite city so far compared to reading. And well.. I'd rather spent my free time in a cute coffee shop writing in my journal or reading a bit instead of sitting at home. Apart from that I obviously took care of my insanely cute kids and did all the regular hovering and putting away the dishes and such.

Tuesday. 12 sept.
I was planning to have a completely relaxing day today, take a nap and just really lay around the house all day. Instead I ended up going to Henley with one of the moms in the area and her son. The weather was insanely hot so we played in the park (with the son, because he's only 2.5 y/o)  and then we went out with a coffee. Really, everyone here in the area is just so incredibly nice.

Wednesday. 13 sept.
Planned on going to Reading today because I figured it might be time to go and get all my bearings there and such... But instead I hung around the house since I didn't get the chance to do so yesterday. I was somewhat productive though because I edited some photo's and edited bits of the new video.

Thursday. 14 sept.
Guess what?! Ya girl went to Henley again. This time I had a good reason though: I was gonna meet up with a friend to meet her host mom and walk around her dog. Yet again the weather was insanely hot, so obviously we had me complaining about it because summer is not my absolute jam... and well.., it legitemately started storming in the evening. Woops, guess I'm not allowed to complain anymore.

Friday. 15 sept.
Today was very exciting because I went to London to meet up with Sophie for the first time! Obviously it's always a bit nerve-wrecking to meet people from the internet because you never truly know what people are gonna be like in person. But we literally had insane amounts of fun. We had full on English Breakfast .. or atleast she had because I opted for pancakes. Explored Notting Hill and Camden and ooooh my, WE WENT TO PLATFORM 9 3/4!!!! I went completely insane, not gonna lie. Also, we took the wrong tube for like 3 times and took an incredibly long way to her hostel even though it was supposed to take only 15min, but oh well. It all doesn't matter when you laugh the whole day and are in good company.

Saturday. 16 sept.
I went to London again today, but this time on my own! I wanted to go and visit the National History Museum and everything was so gorgeous, even the building itself was insanely beautiful. Also, I got myself some new Dr Martens, weeeheee!

Sunday. 17 sept.
Instead on going to my usual go-to cities, I went to Oxford today! Oxford is an incredible city with a rich history. Unfortunately we kind of went there without a plan so after some walking around, Lina and I ended up on going on one of these incredibly touristy tourbusses. We probably looked like absolute fools because we were so excited, but it was really nice anyway and we learned a lot about the history. Next time we're gonna make a plan though before we go to Oxford because there's so much to see!

That's it for my second week! The moment I'm writing this I'm really tired but hey, it's ok!!! Also: please note that I obviously did do my regular work as an au pair everyday but it's just a bit boring if I have to put that in on every day ;-)

demi x.

p.s. I found some outfit pictures I made before I went to England so I'm probably gonna post those pretty soon!

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  1. Och... die foto's zijn zo heerlijke en de kleurtjes van de huizen zo prachtig!


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