Sunday, 7 August 2016

Hi Hello! Figured that it was most likely time to make a post on what's up in my life really. Summer is currently making me blur the lines between laziness and nonchalance.. which is some sort of explanation for the lack of posts, even though I've had a holiday. woops. Anyhow, I suppose I'll just start telling about some highlights of my holiday and what I've been up to :-)

So, even though I've had 3 weeks off of work, I didn't go on an actual holiday. Mostly because I rather save my money for England instead. Which is all really exciting because I'm having my first skype conversation Monday with a possible future host family. (Incase you missed it: I'm going to England for 6 months to work as an au pair)

But, I did visit lots of places here where I normally don't really go to. For example; I went to Amsterdam, Haarlem, Bloemendaal and Hoorn. But I gotta say, Haarlem is my absolute favorite city!
if you follow me on instagram, you may or may not know that I went to Amsterdam for something rather exciting: I got two new tattoos! I'll most likely make a different post about them with photo's when they're both all healed. But you can see a tiny peek of one of the new tattoos I got in the first photo in this post.

Something else that was really excited for me (sorry if you're not into harry potter cuz then this bit will be hella boring for you): My friend Jitte and I had a Harry Potter marathon. Honestly I've been like obsessed with harry potter my whole life since I basically grew up with it and I remember my parents always taking my brother and I to see the movies in the cinema when they first got out, and buying us the books. So even though that this was already very exciting and a hell of a lot fun for me - even though I still cry when sirius black dies because he was my absolute fave (literally zero shame) - the book of "The Cursed Child" also came out! 
So obviously I couldn't resist getting it, and I finished reading it in just one day. And jesus christ I'm obsessed. Also a tad bit emo that it's over, not gonna lie. But hey, we still have the triology of 'Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them' to come!!!
Sorry if it might seem so silly and stupid to hear a young adult talk about harry potter, but hey I hold the story dear to my heart, so I've basically accepted that I'll probably never really get over it.
Besides reading this book, I also read a lot of other books recently so I'm thinking of writing some sort of post about that. Maybe in the form of favorites, or small reviews?

Anyway, this whole post probably got way too long, and I gotta log out to go to my dad's birthday, so I'll write you again sometime. demi x.


  1. Lijkt me tof om boekreviews te lezen! (al ben ik niet echt into Harry Potter, ik ben wel benieuwd naar de andere boeken :)) Je nieuwe tatoeages zijn heeel mooi, zag het op Insta!

  2. Ik heb gisteren net 'The Cursed Child' opgehaald, en ik kan niet wachten om te beginnen met lezen! :)


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