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Hey Hi! You may or may not know that I'm quite a bookworm, especially with the holidays recently. I just love reading a good book and the feeling of getting completely lost in a story. With the love of reading also comes the contstant hunt for some good book recommendations.
And since that is something that I'm always looking for, - and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one - I thought it'd be nice to share my own five (current) favorite books, so for anyone who's out there looking for some good books, here are my recommendations!
(in no particular order)

1/ How to fall in Love - Cecilia Ahern.

"Christine Rose is crossing the Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin late one night when she sees a stranger, Adam, poised to jump. Desperate to help, she talks him into a reckless deal: if he gives her two weeks - till his 35th birthday - she'll prove his life is worth living.
But as the clock ticks, what Christine has really promised seems impossible..."  
Even though I said that the books aren't in any particular order (which is still true), this book is my absolute fave out of all the five. It's so well written. You're hooked within the first chapter and you will literally not stop reading until you finished the whole story.
As you can see, the chapters look like its from some kind of 'self-help book', I'm pretty sure the reason behind this is because Christine ( a character from the book) is really into these kind of books. I personally really like the start of the chapters to look like this, because then you know from the start what moral from the chapter is going to be.
The story is astonishing, dazzling and a brilliant romantic drama, with a hint of darkness and desperation. You'll read about life lessons without actually noticing it in the first place. But they'll pop up in your head when needed.

2/ It's kind of a funny story. - Ned Vizzini.
"Ambitious New York City teenager Craig Gilner is determined to succeed at life - which means getting into the right high school to get into the right college to get the right job. But once Craig aces his way into Manhatten's Executive Pre-Proffesional High School, the pressure becomes unbearable. He stops eating and sleeping, until, one night, he nearly kills himself.
Graig's suicidal episode gets him checked into a mental hospital, where his new neighbors include a transsexual sex addict, a girl who has scarred her own face with scissors, and the self elected President Armelio. There, Craig is finally able to confront the sources of his anxiety."
Like Teen Vogue once said; "A book about depression that's not the least bit depressing". Which is truly the right ( and for me the only) way to describe this book.
The fact that Ned Vizzini himself also had mental health issues, and eventually even took his own life makes this all very real and maybe in some ways even relatable. And Like Rachel Cohn says in the foreword of the book:" Vizzini gave readers a very specific and real road map of what people suffering from depression experience, told through the prism of a hilarious assembly of characters and situations - a strange and delightful balance, to be sure. But it's so much more than a book about depression. It's about the promise of hope, strenght and the desire to live"

 3/ The five people you meet in heaven. - Mitch Albom. 

" 'All endings are also beginnings. We just don't know it at the time...'
On his eighty-third birthday, Eddie, a lonely war veteran, dies in a tragic accident trying to save a little girl from a falling cart. With his final breath, he feels two small hands in his - and then nothing. He awakens in the afterlife, where he learns that heaven is not a lush Garden of Eden but a place where your earthly life is explained to you by five people who were in it. These people may have been loved ones or distant strangers. Yet each of them changed your path forever"  
With only 208 pages, it's a pretty short story. However, it makes you feel all sorts of emotions in only those 208 pages. Even though it might look that this is some sort of religious book since it talks about heaven and the afterlife, it's not religiously written whatsoever.
It's an amazing story, it touches your soul and makes you think about everything in life from the choices you make to the people you meet.
It's easy and well written, making it a good book to read whenever you want to relax or just whenever you would want a distraction from your own life.

4/ Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. - J.K. Rowling.

"The eight story. Nineteen years later...
It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn't much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband, and father of three school-age children.
While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places" 
It takes a few pages to get into the book, mainly because it's a musical script. So the layout is completely different than what you normally would see in a book obviously. I personally didn't mind that since I'm a complete potterhead so I was eager to start reading the story that I didn't even notice the difference in the layout after 5 pages. 
Like always with the Harry Potter books, the story starts off with the end of the book that was before. So if it's a while since you read the last one it will be nice to freshen up your memory.
However, the story starts of strong and makes you immediately hooked, making you to want to finish the book in a day.
I wasn't 100% sure whether I would like the book at first since Harry, Ron and Hermione aren't the main characters anymore. But luckily you'll still read about them in this book and it obviously makes sense that they aren't the main characters (but still pretty big characters though) since they're on to the next generation.
But let me tell you: if you're planning to read this book, be prepared to feel very sad to finish it because I'd finished it at like 4pm in the afternoon and I was completely emo for the rest of the evening.

5/ The secrets of happiness. - Lucy Diamond.

"Everyone thought Rachel had it all... Appearances can be deceptive.
Stepsisters Rachel and Becca could hardly be more different. Rachel is happily married with three children and a great carreer, while Becca has a dead-end job and a disastrous love life.
But when Rachel doesn't come home one night, Becca is called in to help - and soon realizes that her stepsister's life is not so perfect after all. Even worse, nobody seems to have a clue about where Rachel might be.
As Becca begins to untangle Rachel's secrets, she is forced to confront some uncomfortrable truths of her own. But sometimes happiness can be found in the most unexpected places..." 
The books gets you engaged in the story immediately because it starts of with Rachel going missing, which makes you wonder what happened and why.
The reason why I personally really like this book is because it's a story about two completely different people, contrasting each other. But, the further you get with reading the story, you'll get to know that difference is good. Difference makes you able to teach people something, to give them a part of you, to help them.
And eventually, the characters themselves will also get to know that difference isn't actually a bad thing. They'll get at peace with it, and thanks to good communication, they will forget and forgive about the grudges they used to have towards eachother.

So, that's it for now! I actually enjoyed writing this post a lot, and it was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. Hope you enjoyed it and let me know if there's a book your planning to read! Other recommendations are also welcome of course! 
demi, x.

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