Thursday, 7 July 2016

Hi! Today I'll show you the exact same outfit that I wore to the Polette Event. I absolutely adore it. I got these trousers a couple days before the event and oh my, they're perfect! But that's obviously not the only thing that I like about this outfit.

For example: these metallic shoes, honestly they are insane if you ask me. And they walk so comfortable! I'm in love and almost wearing them everyday.

On a different note, today I had a skype call with my au pair agency. Yes, au pair agency. I haven't told much (or maybe not anything at all yet?) about it, but after summer I'm planning to go to England as an au pair for 6 months, very, very exciting. Also very nerve-wrecking.

And something else that's pretty cool: You gotta listen to Etta Bond, especially the songs 'seen and never heard' and '#bad4me' (my faves!!). I'm currently listening to those songs on a daily basis until I'll most likely get sick of it because I've heard them too much. But till then; enjoying every part of it.

I'll write you soon x.

p.s. As far as I'm concerned this shirt isn't an actual reference to the 1975 song that's called 'ugh' since I got it before the album released (If I remember it correctly). But hey, I don't mind it at all and actually like it cuz i love their music.
What am I wearing?
Denim Jacket - Mango
T Shirt - Outsidertees
Trousers - Asos
Shoes - Vans
Glasses - Polette
Velvet Choker - Topshop


  1. Geweldig shirt! Ugh is precies mij gewoon, haha.

  2. supeer:) xx

  3. Dat shirt, ik wil 'm oook! En wat gaaf zeg dat je als au pair gaat werken in Engeland!


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