Sunday, 17 July 2016

Hi! I gotta say that I'm pretty happy that I've been able to post at least once a week for the past month, instead of getting MIA again for like 3 months. And yes, I know that it's now sunday evening, so I'm pretty last minute with the whole "once a week" posting, but it still counts right?!

This outfit reminds me so much of stuff that a grandpa would wear, hence the title of the post. I mean... look at it!! Ok, maybe not exactly everything together, especially not the shoes ( I mean... if grandpa's wanna wear leopard printed shoes, go ahead, you got my support).. but just the pieces, one by one. Whatever.. I'm probably making zero sense since I'm slightly sleep deprived since last night.
Because Veerle and I went to a party of one of our friends, and it was so much fun! Well, at first we started getting slightly crazy because somehow we started to worry way too much than necessary.
(Note to self: Really, worrying isn't good for anything because it isn't going to get you anywhere; point proven.) But we ended up staying until like 3am, so that's a legit good sign. 

Also, I only have to work 2 more days until I have holiday! So excited to just do whatever I want, whenever I want. Wednesday and Thursday, Veerle and I are also going to the "Nijmeegse zomerfeesten", and I'm really looking forward to it. The weather is gonna be bloody hot though, so I'm pretty sure that I'll have a huge outfit crisis beforehand.

And even more exciting news, I'm gonna pick up one of my best friends up from the airport Saturday, after not seeing her for 3 months, she's finally coming back. Hurray!

Hopefully I'll write you soon. x
What am I wearing?
blazer/blouse/scarf  Zara
mom jeans Topshop
bag  Denise Roobol
glasses Polette*
shoes my mum's

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  1. grandpa chic? Honestly??? Do u ever check for typos as well


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