Friday, 24 June 2016

Hey! Like I said in my recent post about the Polette Party I found my new glasses. And I'm truly obsessed. You've probably heard about Pollete a million times on the blog already, but incase you're not familiar with the brand I'd like to refer you back to an older blogpost (click here), so you can read all about them!

As you probably know I used to have glasses that were more rectangular shaped. And it's funny because when I got those glasses (which was actually my first pair) I intended on getting round ones instead but it just seemed that every pair I tried on in store didn't suit my big ol' head so well, so I just gave up and accepted the fact that maybe round glasses weren't for me.

But hey, never say never I suppose because when I went to the Polette Party I found these incredibly good looking ones and was immediately obsessed! So after the party I had a cheeky look on their website (which you can find here) and ordered them! Like usual the process of ordering went completely fine and I didn't have any difficulties.

So hooray! Now I'm a proud owner of these cute glasses! Stay tuned for more outfit posts, where you can see how these glasses actually suit me. xo.

Incase you want the exact same ones that I have, click here, be sure to be quick because they're limited edition!


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