Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Hey! To get a bit back into blogging I thought I'd be a good idea to start off by showing you my five current favorites. I personally really like reading posts like these on other blogs since you might discover something new that you also like yourself. So here's my shot at it after being non-active for a pretty long while.

One) This Elate & Co Candle.
If you'd know me for even a little bit, you'd know that I'm slightly obsessed with scented candles. I think they just look incredibly pretty and always make your room smell all nice. I bought this quite recently at the webshop only concept store in Den Bosch. They had 3 other scents as well that smelled divine. But since I didn't know this brand I decided to take a safe bet and go for the always good smelling coconut vanilla. I'm obsessed with the way the candle looks, and in the lit of the candle there was a small paper hidden with care instructions and such to get the best out of your candle, which I personally think is a really smart idea. 
You can find more information about the Elate & Co candle here on their website. They also explain why the candle is eco friendly and the benefits of it so it's worth a read.

Two) My Plants.

Not gonna lie, this might be completely lame to talk about in a favorites post. But hey, what can I do really?! Since most of my room is white, white and white without hardly any colour, I like to buy plants to give it atleast a splash of green. I also feel like plants give a really home-y feeling to any kind of place so I like to have them around. Besides, it's also really satisfying to see your plants grow, which means that you took good care of it!! (I don't think it can get any lamer and nerd-like than this, soz). It's also kind of embarrassing that not even all my plants fitted on the first photo. So Demi, a note to self: Stop buying plants you have enough already.

Three) this abstract elephant print.
So I only got this last week, but gaaahd look how cute it is. Elephants have been one of my favorite animals every since I was little, hence the two little elephants figures on the top right of the photo. I've had those for ages.
Anyhow, if you want to get your hands on one of these cute prints, check out Sostrene Grene because that's where I got mine!

Four) Bandana style scarf.
 I've seen these type of scarfs around the internet quite a bit lately, and since I really like them and I think the style possibilities are endless, I decided to get one myself! This one is from zara and the reason I like it so much is because the pattern is way different than your usual bandana scarf.
I like to tie it around my neck as you can see here to add an extra pop of colour to an outfit but it's also really nice to use it in your hair when you're rocking a bun (my personal fave), you can also tie it around your wrist for a bracelet kind of style, or even tie it around your bag!

Five) My earrings.
Ever since I got my third hole in my ear pierced in January I've been obsessed with my earrings and slightly mix-matching them. When I used to have only two holes it just never seemed complete, so even though the third piercings got infected and all (I'll spare you the details.) I'm happy I did it! I'd love to get my cartilage and conch pierced as well but I just don't think it's worth all the fuss since my ears always get infected whenever I get them pierced so I'm not risking it and I'm good now.
Like I said I love mix-matching them a bit, so I wear maybe one different earring in the other ear, or I'll wear the earrings in a different order. But I do always stick to silver ones. Basically just because I'm not a massive fan of gold, and all my other jewelry is silver as well so I like to have it all look put together.

So I hope you like this post! It was nice to put all the effort in it and to just sit down and write since I hadn't done it for a long time. It just reminded me of how much I actually missed taking and editing photo's/writing. So I hope to write you soon again whenever I have to time (I know I've said this a million times before so no promises!). And I also hope I'm able to strike someone of my friends/brother again to take some outfit shots.
Anyways, take care!

Demi, x.

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