Friday, 27 May 2016

Hi Guys! Long time no see, i know, i know. But I'm slightly motivated again to get back to blogging whenever I have the time, so here's my first post of the month! Around two weeks ago I got invited to the pollete party to see the new summer collection, and yesterday the time was finally there! I did bring one of my best friends with me though, since this would be my first ever blog event which was a bit nerve wrecking for me and since I'm not extremely good at getting out of my comfort zone. But it was actually lots of fun! Click on read more to see what all went down at the party. :-)

we started off by just wandering through Amsterdam and literally getting lost all the time. Which was also the reason why we were 30minutes late at the event... ooops. We did find the coldpressedjuicery though which was somewhat exciting since I'd been following them on instagram for ages now so I just strolled around the dam casually while drinking out of a coconut that I bought at the coldpressedjuicery like it's the most normal thing in the world. 

When we finally got to the event we started off by just viewing and taking pictures of the new collection and getting ourselves a drink. And to be honest, at first I didn't quite know what to do, since like I said it was my first blog event so Veerle and I were just quitely talking to eachother.
But we quickly found the photobooth! And oh my, I am like obsessed with photobooths. I think they're just so much fun! There were also two dj's that provided the night with some good dance music :-)
And guess what, I also found my new favorite glasses! I always loved round glasses but I never really thought they'd be for me since I have a big ol' head but hey!! I finally found a pair that really suited me so I'm definitely gonna order them of Pollete's webshop because I'm truly obsessed.
Later on the night we just got ourselves a DarknStormy cocktail and enjoyed the night really. And to be honest, it was way more fun then I thought it would be, and I really enjoyed it! So thank you so much Polette for inviting me! It was a blast!

Demi x.


  1. Hele leuke fototjes! Lijkt me een heel gezellig event. Toffe brillen hebben ze ook altijd.

  2. Helaaaaas, ben ik uiteindelijk niet gegaan..maar ziet er ontzettend gezellig uit, cute pics.

  3. Ah leuk! Ik besloot last minute toch niet te gaan. Nu baal ik een beetje!



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