Saturday, 2 April 2016

Last night I went to the 1975's concert again for the 2nd time in my life. And oh my god, it  was intense. Honestly this might get a bit emo and stuff but the 1975 is my favorite band and I love their music so much since I think the lyrics are just always well written and just.. basically everything. And i don't mean this in a fangirling 12 y/o stalking kind of way. 
But I guess I'll now tell you a bit more about the concert in general instead of how I just really like their music. Also sorry if this whole post is just a big ramble but I'm still like in awe of the whole concert.
So me and my friend got in the queue at around 12:30 and it was kind of busy already, but not as bad as I expected. We had to wait for 6hours since the doors opened at 6:30, which is kind of early since the doors often open at 7:30 for concerts.
The security outside who were watching the queue were also just really friendly, and kind. Thank god the security started to make sections of the queue when it got busier because this way it was easy and just fair to see who were waiting earlier in the queue than others. When it was time to open the doors they obviously first let in the ones with early entrance (they were the first 75 people in the queue and they got special wristbands) and then they let everyone else in in little groups. 
Like always, the entrance into the venue is just always the most stressful thing ever (and to me also the most hateful thing) since everyone is just trying to get in front of each other and stuff, so that's why it's nice that the security just let us in, in small groups.

The concert itself was just amazing, the sound was great. And like always the performance was incredible! I just love the whole vibe around it and how everyone is so pumped up to sing every word along and dance. The lights were also incredible and it just all fell together like the last piece of the puzzle. 

Hope you like the photo's, and a concert video is also coming your way!
And the 1975, see you next time you're in Holland! (Rlly i'm just gonna make it a tradition to go everytime they're here)

Demi x.


  1. Ahh zo leuk om jouw verslagje en foto's te zien! Je foto's zijn echt goed gelukt! Grappig dat ik je nog even tegenkwam haha. Wat een drukte die rij, ik was er zelf pas om 6 uur en dacht dat ik dus wel helemaal achteraan zou staan, maar dat viel (gek genoeg) hartstikke mee :) Zo veel liefde voor de muziek en het licht en gewoon de hele sfeer tijdens het concert inderdaad <3

    1. Aaah gelukkig had je nog een beetje goede plaatsen dan! Jaaa klopt, was leuk je een keer te zien, alleen wel jammer dat we niet echt tijd/ruimte hadden om te praten omdat we allebei nog even met ons hoofd bij het concert enzo zaten denk ik, haha! x

  2. Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt! Ze waren zo goed live. Voor mij was het ook de tweede keer, ik hoop ze snel nog eens te zien :)


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