Sunday, 10 April 2016

Hi! Since it's been in incredibly long time since I've done my last proper 'life update' post I thought I'd include it here in this outfit post with some photo's that are made 2 weeks ago. Like you can see it's an easy nd casual outfit that doesn't really need much explaining, so I won't really go much further into that.

The last couple of days/weeks have mostly contained a lot of work, and an occasional night of going out. Yes going out!! Are you surprised because I surely am as someone who never went out 'because it was boring and awkward' but hey, I do think it's fun now! 

Today I dyed my hair.., and it turned out black. I didn't necessarily wanted it to turn out black, but since hairdye somehow never really lasts on my hair it will turn lighter soon whenever I wash it anyway. 

And, another fun thing that's going on is that I'm leaving for the Ardennes in two weeks! I'll only be staying for 4 days though since it's just for my stepdad's family weekend, but I'm still very excited to travel. And just to walk around in other city's and villages. And also to do fun activities in the nature! Even though I'm normally not a big nature fan since I'm kind of scared for like literally every insect possible. I do like being active and participate in sports/workouts. (I didn't like though when I was in highschool because I absolutely hated PE)

Also, the video from the 1975 concert is currently uploading on youtube so I'll post it on here in the next couple of days.

much love,
demi x.

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  1. Leuke outfit Demi! Super leuk dat je weer naar the 1975 geweest bent :)


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