Sunday, 3 January 2016

Yeeheee, Finally after like two years of being incredible scared, I got my first tattoo! I've always been a big fan of tattoos, I just love the idea of marking/drawing something on your skin that is going to be there your whole life, whether it's just a small symbol, or a full on sleeve. 
I had multiple ideas of what I wanted to get, but for my first tattoo I wanted to start off small, just so I could kind of get to know the pain. I opted for a small heart on the inner side of my wrist. Just because I feel like a heart will never lose it's meaning ( Even though I personally don't think a tattoo has to have a meaning), and it won't be something I'd regret years down the road. 

I wasn't too sure about what to expect of the pain, since I heard from a lot of people that it isn't so bad, but me being extremely scared of needles made me push off getting  the tattoo for two years ( I was allowed to get my first tattoo when I was 16.) But really, the pain is ok! Of course I'm not gonna say that it wasn't painful at all, but it was more like an annoying feeling, like you got scratched by a cat.

Besides the pain, you obviously also have the healing process. Which, to be honest, takes longer than I thought. Before getting it done I thought I'd only have to heal for like 3 days, but apparently you need to give it 3 weeks! Not that I mind do, but sometimes I forget to apply the creme I got for it which is slightly stressful, ahaha. 

And before I forget, I got my tattoo at "The Lucky Cat Tattoo" in Den Bosch. I honestly loved it so much there. The shop had a very homely, light and relaxed feeling. It's owned by a couple and they are like the friendliest people ever! 

I guess, there's not much more to tell about it? But if I forgot something or you'd like to know more about getting a tattoo, don't hesitate to ask! 

much love,


  1. Wauw echt heel mooi, als ik een tattoo zou willen laten zetten zou ik zo'n half maantje willen. Dat vind ik een mooi symbool! Ik weet alleen niet of ik het zou durven, haha! Je tattoo is echt prachtig en inspirerend!

    1. Aaaah toevallig! Ik ben namelijk van plan om binnenkort nog een half maantje te laten zetten :)

  2. Wauw, hij is mooi! Ik wil ook graag een tattoo maar ik weet niet precies wat en waar. Voordat ik er een laat zetten wil ik dat wel precies weten (en nog even 16 worden, hihi). Een vraagje trouwens, hoeveel kostte deze? :) liefs

  3. Wat een leukerd! Ik ben toevallig laatst een nieuwe tata laten zetten :)



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