Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Hey! The past month I've collected some new jewelry, some gifted by family and others are bought myself. And I'd loooove to show you what I got! These bits are most likely gonna be my staple jewelry since I just love having some pieces I can throw on everyday, knowing it will all look put together.

The watch I got is from tommy hilfiger (it's this one to be exact). It was a birthday/christmas present combined since it was pretty expensive. But I just really wanted a good quality, long lasting watch since I found that most of the watches you can buy, that aren't really branded will only last you about a year. Which is just a waste of the money. So that's why I've decided to buy a proper branded one because I know it will last me multiple years!

Next up is the gorgeous pandora ring. This ring is something I've been eyeing for like 1,5 year! So luckily my dad gave it to me for my 18th birthday. Also yes, I like to wear most of my rings on my middlefinger, since this is somehow more comfortable to me??? (Ok, it might make no sense I'm sorry)

And the next two things are items which I bought myself. The happy ring is from Eline-Rosina. This was also something I'd seen in a store and I somehow just couldn't get it out of my mind. Thank god it's sterling silver because I've made a promise to myself that I'm only gonna by sterling silver jewelry because I know it will last so I don't have to throw it away after a couple months. This ring was also relatively cheap so check it out if you'd like!

Last up is the "the time is now" bracelet from anna-nina. Anna-nina has lots of beautiful and original jewelry pieces, but I opted for this particular one because I often always hesitate to do stuff, procrastinate or just be like 'hmm I'll do it later' This can have multiple reasons, for example: I'm to lazy to do certain things but it can also be because I'm scared since some things are just simply out of your comfort zone, and that's exactly the reason why I chose for this one. So I'll always have a little reminder when I feel anxious do to things. 

So that's it for now!
D, x.


  1. Wauw dat horloge is echt prachtig. Mijn horloge is kapot gegaan, deze ga ik misschien wel op mijn wishlist zetten :) Mooie foto's Demi!

  2. Heel erg mooi! Dat armbandje is echt super pretty. Liefs!


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