Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Hey Ho! Since it's almost christmas I figured it was time to make a christmas guide to help not only myself by picking christmas presents, but also all of you! I made two collages; one for men and one for women, but I'll also link you to some similair products which are shown in the collages. Also, it's a very affordable guide, because let's be honest, hardly anyone has enough money to just casually buy a designer bag as a present.. not gonna lie.
So, I'll start off by the women's guide. 1, an (ugly) christmas sweater. Ok yes, i know i know, some can be very ugly. But hey, what's more fun than chilling with your friends, playing secret santa in these (ugly) sweaters?! These are the 3 sweaters I'd suggest: These 2 from boohoo, here and here, and this one from the forever 21. 2. a mug. I think you can make almost every friend happy with a funny or quirky mug, like literally any tea or coffeelover would appreciate this.  I'd suggest this one, this one or this one! 3. earbuds. Great for any women who loves music/tech. Because really, how many times didn't we have that our earbuds died on us just when you need them. I personally really like these, these, or this one. 4. a journal. Good for writing down notes, your favorite quotes or just your daily thoughts. Writing can be really relaxing, and I personally also think it's a really thoughtful gift. I like this one or this one. 5 selfcare. And by selfcare I mean make-up, nailpolishes, skincare etc. I think you can't really go wrong with this since literally every women I know likes to take care of themselves, and even though it's not always by wearing make-up, everyone will appreciate a good moisturizer or body lotion. I also think that makeup can be a good way to buy something from a designer brand, without having to spend a ton of money. Because spending 25euro on a marc jacob lipstick will most likely feel more special than spending 25euro on some multiple makeup bits from the regular drugstore. So I'm just gonna link a few makeup bits, and skincare bits. I personally like this neutral eyeshadow pallete, this highlighter, this lippencil from nars, this lippencil from mac and this lipstick.  Skincare wise I like this moisturizer, this bodybutter and this scrub. 6. books. Just books. Because really, there is some kind of book out there for everyone. A few of my favorites; this one,  this, this or this one .7. candles. I feel like candles are really some kind of present that is a good fit for a women of every age, from teenager, to grandma. I personally like this one,  this or this one  8. dainty jewellery. Personally I think dainty jewellery is a better gift than statement. Because it can mostly be worn more often. But I do feel like that if you really want to buy jewellery, you gotta make sure it's sterling silver since you want it to last long! I really like this necklace and this one! 9. scarf/mittens. Because what's more suitable for the winter?! I really like these two scarves; this one and this one! ( I got the last one as well!) 10. (designer) coin purse/cardholder. So if you really wanna get fancy and spend some more money, a designer purse/cardholder is a great idea! I'm totally lusting over these; here, here and here.

Ok, so now it's time to go over into the men's gift guide, personally I always find it really hard what to buy men/boys so I hope this helps some of you.
1. basic shirts. This might not be the first thing you'd think if when you have to buy presents for a guy. But trust me, they need them.  Because I've experienced it a lot of times when my brother or dad was wearing a neat shirt / sweater / vest but they just didn't have the perfect basic shirt to go underneath it. But luckily for all of us, ShirtsOfCotton comes to the rescue! ShirtsOfCotton's mission was to make the perfect basic shirts for men, and they sure did! They took in account that the shirts are extra long so they won't slip out of your trousers. And that the shirts are slightly tailored, soft and stretchy for ultimate comfort. It will stay good for long because of the better cotton, and it's not too expensive! My personal favorites are; this one ( which is also the one my brother is wearing in the photo below) and this one
2. headphones. I guess this has the same reason as I told you above for the women's section, and it just always comes in handy when you want to zone out and just relax while listening to music. I'd suggest this one and this one. ( they are both still somewhat budget friendly, hooray!) 3. phonecase. Because for real, you don't want your phone(screen) to get cracked, and a good leather case can also make you look very sophisticated. Things like these are always the things boys and men kind of forget about, but are very happy to receive it. My personal favorite is definitely this one 4. happy socks. Even though it may look like they are way too ' happy' and 'colorful' for most men, they will love them. Talking out of my experience, my brother is definitely obsessed with them. Since he often just wears basic colors (think black, white, navy, etc) he loves to bring a pop of color to his outfit with these socks. I really like this pair (these are the ones shown in the photo below), these and these. For more choice out of the happy socks, you can visit this webshop here!
5. beanies. Same as with a mittens and scarf, it's nice to have something to keep you warm during the winter. I'd suggest this one, this and this one6. a watch. If you're ready to spend a bit more money on your husband/boyfriend/dad etc, a watch is a good idea! It will give of a luxurious feel and it's something that can be used everyday. I really like this one and this one7. cardholder. A long lasting, nice, leather cardholder will always come in handy. I'd suggest this one, or this one. 8. a notebook. Ok, this might be something not every guy likes. But it's great for someone who likes to scribble down things to remember, grocery shopping lists, etc. I really like this black moleskine.

So that's it! I hope you like it and get some use out if it!
Much love,


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  2. i was hoping to get a designer back this year but sadly i can only afford a toe

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