Saturday, 28 November 2015

Hi! Last night I went to yet another concert and it was so good! It's actually funny how much concert experiences can differ from eachother, so I'd like to tell you a bit more about this one.
So I went to Lianne La Havas' concert, and she was amazing. I think that she even might be the best concert I've ever been to vocal wise. She came over as an incredibly sweet, humble and grateful person, and even though she didn't talk that much to the audience, she made sure to stop in between some songs to thank the band, the support act and the audience and made sure we all felt welcomed.

I went with Claudia, who is one of my friends from highschool who knows a lot about music and has been to numerous concerts herself, and even she was so starstuck after the concert because she was just so good! 

The concert was at TivoliVredenburg, which is the same place as where the 1975 concert was last year. Personally I love the location since it has a very nice, intimate hall to have the concerts. The audience at the concert last night was also very relaxed, and even quit most of the time, so it really was just us and Lianne, which was an amazing experience.

I also tried to film some bits at the concert like I always do, so I could make a complication video when I got home, but somehow my camera ended with acting shitty and saying that there wasn't any memory left even though I had deleted everything before I went to the concert. And usually it's able to film for like 1,5 hours at least, and now it was able to film only like 25min and I really don't know what happend?? But if any of you have an idea please reach out to me! 

Luckily, Claudia and I ended up having front row places so I was also able to film some bits with my iphone, so the video will be up soon I hope!

Much love,


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