Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Hi! I wanted to share one of my favorite hotspots with you, because I love discovering and reading about new places and cool hotspots, so it only seemed fair to start sharing my favorites as well. Even though I have seen some posts about this hotspot, I still feel like it was worth to share it!

Since Coffeelab is located in central Eindhoven, you can easily reach it since it's literally a 2 minute walk away from the train and bus station, but also really close to all the stores. From the outside it may not look that appealing/revealing, but when you come inside you'll be welcomed by an incredible chill athmosphere and kind,happy and bubbly employees who are in for a chat!

Coffeelab serves you one of the best coffees in town, but if you're feeling healthy and all you can also opt for one of the many delicious smoothies, and (even some vegan!!) treats which are all home made, ranging from carrotcake to bananabread. A little sidenote: I really reccomend the carrotcake and bananabread because both taste INSANE!!

Even though it isn't a big place, they do have enough seating availabilities, going from high chairs and bars, to chill hanging seats by the window, to a few regular seats with tables. You can easily get work done here on weekdays (because it will be a lot more loud and crowded during the weekend) since you can use Eindhoven free wifi hotspot (coffeelab itself doesn't have wifi) and there are a lot of sockets to use incase your laptop battery runs empty!

But apart from being a good work place, it's also a good place to chill out, read a book, get inspired,  watch people go by the windows, or just unplug for the weekend. So, whatever floats your boat.

And if you don't fancy having a seat, or are in a rush, they also have a takeaway!

You can find Coffeelab at Stationsplein 17, in Eindhoven.

much love, demi.


  1. Gezellig en groen! Ziet er echt leuk uit.

  2. Ziet er zo gezellig uit daar, sfeervolle foto's heb je gemaakt ook!

  3. Oh, dat ziet er echt super tof uit!


  4. Ohh ziet er leuk uit!! Heerlijk, al dat groen :D

    - Saskia

  5. It seems pretty cool :)
    Love and merry xmas,


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