Monday, 9 November 2015

 Ok, I'm a bit late with the whole 70's trend.. But hey, I still like it! So I actually kind of put this outfit together by some sort of accident..., but it turned out really nice if I do say so myself. I'm also wearing my new black booties which I love! Honestly I've literally struggled for over a year to find the perfect black booties. 
Also, I've edited these photo's in lightroom and I'm not sure how to feel about it. I'm so used to use photoshop but the trial on my new macbook expired so I don't know what to do now. And I feel like the quality is a bit off since we shot these photo's right before it turned dark... #AutumnStruggles. Nonethless I do really like the background looking all cozy and autumnal due the leaves.

This week is quite a busy week since I have to work everyday till friday, and saturday me and two other friends are gonna help my mom at an event. but I'll try to keep you update and not let my blog slowly die for a week.. lol! 

Much Love,

What am I wearing:
vintage skirt
mango sweater
asos booties
zara bag & scarf.


  1. Ah wauw Demi dat vintage rokje staat je echt zoo leuk! Ik vind je foto's erg mooi bewerkt hoor, is wel wennen denk ik via een Macbook :) De foto's zijn ook heel mooi herfstig geworden. Liefs!

  2. Nice outfit:) xx

  3. Prachtige foto's! Dat rokje is zooo leuk. X

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