Saturday, 24 October 2015

 HeyHey! Yesterday I went to the James Bay concert with my friends and I had so much fun. Obviously I couldn't go without my camera to take some photographs and film something so I'd like to share the photo's I made yesterday. (The video is also coming soon!)

And like every post-concert post, I find it hard to write something to go with these photo's. It's just because you're still slightly stuck in the moment and blur the day after. But nonethless I'd still like to tell you a bit about the concert and how it was compared to the other concerts I've been to.

The concert was in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, which is compared to most concert halls relatively small, but it was still a bit bigger than TivoliVredenburg (where the 1975 concert was). I personally prefer to see artist in smaller venues since it makes the performance often way more intimate, and cozy.

The sound was very good and luckily there wasn't any crackling from the speakers when the bass was too loud.  But the lightening was most songs the same (often red or blue colored) and there was always 1 spotlight very harshly on his face which made the photo's really ghost-like if you know what I mean, lol.

Apart from the more technical stuff, James' was a very good performer and sounded so good live! Like you could literally hardly hear any difference from his studio songs on his album. And he even sang his cover "If I ain't got you" from Alicia keys. I bloody love his cover of that so I was so, so, so happy when he started playing that! The pre-act Samm Henshaw was also very good! I even started following him on spotify today!

So I hope you like the photo's, and stay tuned for the video! x


  1. Ah super leuk Demi! Echt mooie foto's heb je kunnen maken. Ziet er echt heel gaaf uit. Ik was vorige week ook in de Heineken Music Hall :)

    1. Jaaa het was ook echt heel tof! Ahh leuk, ging je ook naar een concert of was er een feest? :-)

  2. oh wow dat is een uitvergroot hoofd

  3. Oohh zo gaaf joh! Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt!


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