Saturday, 17 October 2015

Hey, today I wanted to share my latest favorite recipe with you: green veggie springrolls! And let me tell you, it isn't that difficult or as timeconsuming as it seems :-) 

What you will need. (for 8 to 10 springrolls)
1 small broccoli
spinach (around 1 or 2 hands full)
1 feta cheese
1/2 avocado
1 hand of alfalfa
2 eggs
1/4 of a cucumber
(you obviously need 1 ricepaper for 1 springroll, so it depends how much springrolls you're gonna make)

1) start off by cutting up all your ingredients (except the eggs of course). Try to cut up the cucumber and avocado quite small since it will then be much easier to eat. 
2) Then cook the broccoli like you normally would, but make sure to not overcook it. 
3) While the broccoli is cooking you can also bake the egg. I'd suggest to bake it like you'd bake an ommelet. This way the egg white and yellow will be nicely mixed up, which will taste better in the spring roll. 
4) When the broccoli is done it's time to cut it up. Make sure to cut it very small (see photo below).

5) When you're done with cutting up the broccoli you can mix all the ingredients together, except the egg. And season it with some salt + pepper.
6) So if you've mixed all you ingredients together it should look something like pictured above. Now it's time to cut your egg in some pieces ( this doesn't have to be too small) But don't mix it with the rest yet, just let it stay on your plate. 
7) Now it's time to get your ricepaper out! Make sure to wet your ricepaper for about 12 to 20 seconds before putting the ingredients in it and folding it! The best way to wet it is just to put it on a plate with water. So when it's wet you can start off by putting the egg on it, and then you can put the mixture of the green veggies on it!
  8) Since I wasn't able to make proper explainable photo's on how to fold your ricepaper I'd suggest you to watch this video, which explains it perfectly and easier than I'd probably ever be able to. 

Obviously, practice makes perfect with the folding of the springrolls and ricepaper. So it's definitely ok if your first ones don't look that good. I mean, mine definitely didn't look good either!

So that was it for today's recipe! Hope you liked it and let me know if you have any other questions on how to make the springrolls :-) 

x demi.


  1. goed idee ; hier bij ons thuis constant op zoek naar lekkere gezonde receptjes.

  2. Hmmm, dit ziet er TE lekker uit om niet op te slaan, haha.


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