Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Hello! Today is the first day I have an actual day off of work and I was finally able to sleep in later than 6am today so yay, this is going to be a good day! 
First up I want to talk about the new outfit. I love the trousers I'm wearing but sadly I don't wear 'em that often since I can't wear them at work and well... I work most of the time. And on the actual days that I don't have to work, I like to chill around in comfy clothes most of the time.
But.., on the days that I actually do wear it, I absolutely love it. This time I combined them in a more sporty kind of way since I'm wearing converse with them instead of brogues and I rolled up the bottom.

Also, today is my grandma's birthday! So happy birthday to you granny :-) And I'm finally going to get my macbook. Hell yes!! Honestly I'm so excited and I feel like it will also get me back a bit more in the blogging game. So I'm logging off now to get ready.

Demi x.
What am I wearing?
zara trousers & bag
Geisha blouse
converse shoes
Beautiful bijoux* bracelets


  1. Je ziet er heel mooi uit Deem! Ah lekker dat je even een dagje vrij hebt, zo veel werken is echt super killing. En gefeliciteerd met je oma haha X Eve

  2. Gave outfit Demi! Die blouse staat je heel mooi :)

  3. Je broek is echt superleuk! Fijn weekend ♥


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