Sunday, 20 September 2015

Hiya! I finally have some time right now to write an update on how life has been lately. And even though I always find it hard to write these kind of posts, I'll try to put my thoughts in to words right now.
Also I feel like whenever I write these personal updates it looks way more dramatic and like I'm complaining a loooot but that's not how it's meant to be ;-)

So as you probably know by now I'm taking a gap year and the first half year I'm going to work a lot, and I officially started to work plus minus 30 hours a week which is quite tiring and something that my body really needs to get used to. So basically my life right now just kind of exist of work/ the gym/ and a v small social life, So as you've probably also noticed, I don't have that much time for the blog. But I'll try to post somewhat frequently and post like 2 posts a week.

On a little sidenote, at the moment I'm listening to the Pull&Bear radio and it has quite some funky tunes. Nice!
photo's from my instagram @demivdl
This week I finally have two full days off of work and I really need to sleep for like a week. Oh and some good/exciting news: I'm going to buy my macbook this wednesday!!! Teeeheee I'm very, very excited. Now I'm just hoping that my mom doesn't change plans last minute.. :')

Also, I really should update my about page since it still says that I'm in highschool... oops! And I really need to take some new photo's for my sidebar.. well someday ;-)

Sorry this was kind of short, But I'm logging off right now because I have a 6am morning call tomorrow for my driving lessons! 

Much love,


thank you for reading and taking the time to comment on my post. xxx