Friday, 11 September 2015

Hi! I want to share my recent five favorites with you today because I figured I haven't showed you for quite some time what I've absolutely been loving at the moment.

1. Dille & Kamille canvas tote. 
I love canvas totes! They're so easy to use and perfect for running errands. I already had one that was a bit smaller than this one but it was starting to get some holes in it so I figured I'd buy a new one. So when I was in Nijmegen last week I stopped by dille & kamille ( love that store!!) and picked up this huge one for only €2.95. So like I said, it's bigger than the one I used to have already but it's also way better quality, yay!
2. Tony Chocolonely milk chocolate with caramel and seasalt
Ok, so I might be completely late on the Tony Chocolonely hype, but I tried this one last week since I  was just craving so. much. chocolate. #periodproblems. AND IT'S DELICIOUS. At first I was a bit suspicious because chocolate and seasalt doesn't sound like a good combination to me but the salt just brings out the caramel and chocolate flavour more!
3. Goji Berries.
This is actually a favorite of mine for quite some time already but I just hadn't really had the opportunity to show you yet. I love to put these in my breakfast or salads since they have so much taste. The only downside is that they are quite expensive though.. :(
4. Clipper Tea: Green tea with mint and raspberries.
My go-to tea has always been green tea since it just gets your metabolism going and it has some good effects on you over all. But my best friend Melisa totally got me hooked on the Clipper green tea. The raspberries just give some amazing sweetness to the tea without it being way too sweet like fruit tea often is. Literally I will drink 5 cups of this tea a day without shame... I mean #GreenTea4Life. yeeeheee.

5. Dille & Kamille Lipbalm.
Seriously, I've been on the hunt for a good working lipbalm for such a long time. But not much seems to actually work in the long run (looking at you vasaline...). But I do love this one! I haven't been able to try it out for much longer than a few weeks yet so I'm not quite sure for the results for the long term but I hope it's a keeper! Luckily it's made from (mostly) natural ingredients. I'm really interested in natural facial/body products lately since I feel like it just has to be so much better for your skin. So if  you have any recommendations for other natural skin/body products, let me know!

Hope you like this post and I'll hit you up soon with a more personal post so I can update you on my life and such! 
much love
D x.


  1. Prachtige foto's! Ohhh die Tony's chocolade is echt mijn favoriete smaak. Je Dille&Kamille tas is ook mooi, fijne favorieten :)

  2. Demi ik ga vaak naar de Tuinen groet

  3. Leuke favorieten en mooie foto's! Dat ontbijtje ziet er heel lekker uit!

  4. fav tea, and caramel sea salt chocolate is tha best! xx

  5. Erg leuke favorieten. Erg mooie foto's, vooral van de thee<3


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